May 3, 2017

You know, I think I’m gonna stick with the pattern of uploading these blogs a day after the outfit is worn.

I don’t know how other fashion bloggers do it, but it seems like the easier thing to me. It’s kinda difficult to take photos of the outfit AND type up the blog about it in the same day – it’s much easier to take the pictures the day before and then write the blog in my spare time as the day goes on. Plus, this way, I have more time to process what I want to write about each outfit instead of just spitting it out as quickly as possible.

Today was a pretty quiet day. Most are, anymore, here at the end of the school year, but this one was especially. There’s just not a lot left to do for us seniors: some finals, AP exams, and graduation preparation. Otherwise, school has devolved to babysitting.

I’m very grateful for the education I’ve received here in this high school, but it’s definitely grown tiresome after four years. Am I really ready to move on? I certainly feel that way, but it’s possibly just fhe senioritis talking. The prospect of moving out still terrifies me.

But on to brighter topics, today was a fun day, outfit-wise. I actually bought this fun dress with an earth-toned print way back at the beginning of junior year, and if I remember correctly, I wore it on the second or third day of school. The hat is also nothing new – if you’ve been following this blog within the last few days, you’ll notice I also wore it out while in New York! As today was much like yesterday – rainy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon – a hat made for a perfect compromise to shield me from the rain and the sun.

Finally, I matched the print of the dress with this lovely necklace that my mother got years ago when Coldwater Creek sold clothes in actual stores, and they catered to people other than old ladies.

As much fun as this outfit was, I’m feeling it was a little tame. Tomorrow, I’m definitely going to go for something a little edgier – it’s been too long since I’ve worn my ripped black skinny jeans.
See you then!
Dress: Forever21

Hat: Target

Necklace: Coldwater Creek

No bonus mirror selfie today. It’s not that I didn’t take one – but by the time I did, it was so late in the day that the lighting was horrible, so you probably wouldn’t want to see it anyway.

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