May 4, 2017 – Something Edgier

May the fourth be with you.

Yeah, okay, I’m not really a Star Wars type, but I can still make a reference every once in a while…even if that reference is one everyone knows and has heard a thousand times. Actually, I haven’t even seen the most recent movie – just never had the chance this holiday season.

To be honest, I’m definitely more of a Harry Potter type, but maybe that’s just because of the generation I was born into.

Speaking of Harry Potter, I’m definitely getting a brave, adventurous Gryffindor vibe from today’s outfit. Maybe it’s just the red scarf. Like I said yesterday, I was feeling like my oufits have been getting a little too safe recently, so I wanted to shake it up with something a little more dark and edgy.

And it doesn’t get much edgier than ripped black skinny jeans from Hot Topic. Call me a cringe-worthy emo who can’t get her head out of the early 2000s, but amid the corny nerd culture dresses and overpriced band tees, Hot Topic does have some fun pieces. Case in point – these jeans. I admit, they’re a little over the top with the rips and the fishnets, but that’s what makes them fun. There’s almost a dark humor to how excessive they are and how hard they’re trying. On top, I went for an off-white sweater (also from Hot Topic, funnily enough) with some rips and tears along the sleeves and torso, adding to the grungey feel And to finish it all off, black Converse – go big or go home, am I right?

It was absolutely miserable trying to take pictures outdoors today. Of course, it decided to rain just when I got home and needed to take my pictures for this blog – but on the plus side, it made for some cute umbrella pics.

Thanks for reading, and see you tomorrow!
Sweater and jeans: Hot Topic

Shoes: Converse

Bonus mirror selfie:

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