May 2, 2017

Day 2 back from New York, and I think I’m finally beginning to not feel exhausted for once.

Seriously, I never realized, but that trip wore me out. I’ve fallen asleep at 8 or before for the last two nights, and I wake up at like 7 for school. That’s more sleep in one night than I usually get in a week.

All this sleep is actually probably not a great thing, as I’ve got three AP exams coming in the next week or two, and I should probably actually study for once.

Oh well…maybe the sleep will help me remember things better? That’s a thing, right?

For today’s outfit, I was mostly catering to the weather – which was super weird. It was pouring rain this morning and 50 degrees, and within an hour, it was sunny and 70. I didn’t really know how to dress for that, so I basically just went for something that would be tolerable in the hot or cold. I absolutely love this brightly colored crop top that I got on sale from Pitaya, so much so that I thought it was best to keep the rest of the outfit simple. Just some leggings and flats – nothing that would upstage the shirt. That’s not to say they’re boring pieces: the leggings have a fun velvet print up the side, and the flats are a bright neon that pull from the colors of the shirt. Plus, just for the heck of it, I had to add a small, barely noticeable necklace, just to make myself feel a little fancier.

And that’s it for today. A huge thanks to everyone who’s been reading my blog or following my Instagram, and I’ll see you in the next one!
Shirt: Pitaya

Jeans: Abercrombie

Shoes: Target

Bonus mirror selfie:

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