September 19, 2017 – A Pirate’s Life for Me (OOTD #115)

Let’s not lie to ourselves – this outfit’s got some pirate vibes to it.

From the flowy blouse that looks like the puffy shirt from Seinfeld, to the black and white striped turtleneck, to the oversized black hat, and the high-waisted shorts, there are definitely some, at the very least, nautical elements to today’s ensemble.

I feel like all I need now is a parrot or a spyglass.

The funny thing is, I didn’t even realize it until I was looking through these photos. It was just sort of one of those outfits that I threw together as I was running out of my dorm, and I barely gave it more than a 5 second glance in my mirror before heading out the door. That could have been disastrous – like submitting a paper without ever re-reading or editing it – but I think it turned out okay this time.

This blouse is probably one of the most difficult things in my wardrobe to wear – in fact, I’ve only worn it one other time, and that was in one of my days in London. It’s one of those things that I was smitten with when I saw it in the store, to the point that I was even willing to buy it in a size too big, and then realized when I got home that I had no plan for how to wear it.

Oh well, it adds to the challenge and the fun of getting dressed.

One thing I do really miss about being at home and having my own room was that I was able to, regardless of the time of night, go into my closet and assemble outfits. I can’t really do that now. My roommates all go to bed at some kind of reasonabletime, like rational human beings, so that when I come home from studying in the library at whatever odd hour in the night it is, I can’t just go into our bedroom and start shuffling hangers around in my wardrobe. So what I usually end up doing is putting together my outfits in the mornings before I head to class, which is not really ideal for putting thought and care into them.

You know what else is not ideal? Not having all of your clothes with you. I can’t wait for fall break – not just for finally getting something of a break from studying, and not just for getting to see my family and friends from home – but also so I can go home and see all my clothes. They’re my children and I want them back.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in the next one with more updates on my life here at Notre Dame. Don’t forget to check me out on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr! For business inquiries, shoot me an email at!

Blouse: Forever21

Shirt: Forever21

Shorts: H&M

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