April 29, 2017 – On Top of the World (OOTD #9)

New York City: Day 3

Here we are, with our third and second-to-last Day in New York winding down to a close. In the entire time I’ve been here, the most prominent emotion I’ve felt is exhaustion.

But after exhaustion, what I’ve felt is joy.

I love New York. In fact, it always surprises me when I hear the other kids in my tour group say that they could never stand to live here – for me, it’s more like how could I not live here?

Yes, it’s dirty and crowded and the people are rude, but it’s just the kind of dirty, crowded, rudeness I adore.

Today was spend doing mostly tourist-y things (okay, this entire trip has been pretty tourist-y). We hit St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Top of the Rockefeller Center in the morning and then the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the afternoon.

The outfit for that part of the day was a pair of loose, colorful shorts and a denim top. It was simple, but practical for the day’s purpose – which was a hell of a lot of walking. To make things a little more interesting, I layered a simple gold necklace   on top for something of a boho look.

That evening, we took a dinner cruise on the Spirit of New York.

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新年快乐 / happy chinese new year !🏮

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I changed into something a little fancier – a traditional Chinese silk qipao dress.

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boom boom (qi)pao

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There aren’t many occasions where I can wear this out (in fact, Chinese New Year is probably one of the only occasions I ever wear it) but I decided to make an exception this time. It looked sad and dejected sitting there in my closet unworn, so I packed it because it’s a crime to not wear a dress like this that fits so well.The boat itself was nothing special, but, with the sun setting and the water sparkling, the marina it was docked on made for some beautiful photos with my friends.


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Concrete jungle wet dream TOMOATOOOOOOOO 🍅

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That’s it for now. I’m exhausted, and I fly home tomorrow.
Outfit 1 –

Shorts: Francesca’s

Top: Ann Taylor LOFT
Outfit 2 –

Dress: eBay
Bonus mirror selfies:

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April 28, 2017- Springtime in New York (OOTD #8)

New York City: Day 2

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An oldie but a goodie #throwbackthursday

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Another long day has passed, and lemme tell you – I am exhausted.
Today’s agenda has included a visit to the The Today Show, The Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, Little Italy, Chinatown, a Yankees game, and the Empire State Building.

If that sounds like a long day to you, believe me it was.

It was a ton of fun though!

The best parts were when me and a small group of friends were able to split off from the main group and explore the city in our own, such as our excursion to Little Italy.

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Street art is cool! (New York edition)

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I had the best food at a restaurant there called La Bella Vita. The pasta almost brought tears to my eyes, it was so delicious. Another bonus: our waiter had beautiful hair and an even more beautiful accent.
The outfit for today was built for both style and comfort. A high neck bralette layered under a lightweight canvas jacket meant I was prepared whether it was a sunny afternoon or a chilly morning (we experienced both). High waisted jeans meant I had more skin protected from the dirty New York surfaces, and my old black booties with a squat heel was comfortable to walk in.

That doesn’t mean my feet didn’t still feel like lead at the end of the day.


Bralette: Aerie

Jeans: Hollister

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April 27, 2017

New York City, Day 1:

Greetings from New York! What a long day it’s been. And I don’t just mean that figuratively – I have been up since 3 AM. It is now 11 PM in the evening, and we’re still going.
It’s been a great day though! Our flight left from Kentucky at a bright and early 6 AM and landed in NYC at around 8. Not bad, right?

Not quite. Our school group was split into two groups, and the second group didn’t arrive until 10ish, meaning I had two hours to sit around LaGuardia and drink coffee, play cards, and *attempt* to take chic airport photos.

Once we finally got our entire group together, we loaded up our luggage into a tour bus and sat. And sat and sat and sat. I’m gonna be honest, it kinda sucked.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore New York. But a tour bus with a broken air conditioner is NOT the way to do it.

The best part of the afternoon was stopping in Central Park for hotdogs and a brief stroll.

My friend and I might have gotten a bit lost, and we might have separated from our group just to realize we couldn’t remember the rendezvous point, but it turned out okay in the end! Plus, I got some killer photos of the city.

So what does one wear for a day of flights, tour buses, and walking around the city? For me, the answer was simple black leggings, a basic white tee, and an oversized grey jacket. The fun wasn’t in the outfit itself here – it was in the accessories. I love this big floppy black sun hat – it makes every outfit a little more chic.

That evening, we headed out to a Broadway production of A Bronx Tale. A Broadway production, of course, requires something a little more fancy than leggings and a t-shirt, so after freshening up at the hotel, I had to change.


This outfit involved a eyelash lace red dress with sheer mesh at the chest layered under a bedazzled cardigan, all tied together with some black tights.

Fun fact: I wore that red dress to the Sadie Hawkin’s Dance my sophomore year, and I got the sweater at an H&M when I visited NYC in fifth grade!

The nice thing about Broadway musicals is, no matter how little you like the plot, the characters, or the songs, you can always be assured that the talent and the production value will be top notch.

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here’s an old one

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I’m no theatre critic, but I found A Bronx Tale quite enjoyable!

That’s all for tonight. I’m exhausted. See you in Day 2.

Outfit 1 –

Jacket: Forever21

Shirt and leggings and hat: Target

Outfit 2 –

Dress: MissGuided

Jacket: H&M

Tights: Ann Taylor LOFT

No mirror selfies today. Also, if you’re wondering why some photos have the usual brick background of my house, it’s because I took them in advance in case I didn’t have time to get photos while I was out!

April 26, 2017

In twelve hours from the time I write this, I will be in New York City.

I must admit, when they announced that this year’s senior class trip would be to NYC, I was a little disappointed. Even though I’m such a sucker for New York, and even though I’ve been a fan since I first visited in fifth grade, and every time since, I had hoped we would go somewhere I haven’t been before.

But now, as the trip is just hours away, my disappointment has turned into excitement.

I just really love big cities – their energy and movement is so captivating. I guess it’s pretty cliché, but I do have a bit of a girlish fantasy about owning one of those multimullion dollar apartments in Manhattan. It’s also something of a dream of mine to attend grad school at Columbia University.

But for now, and for the next twelve hours at least, I am still a Kentucky girl living in a small suburban college town.

That doesn’t mean I can’t dress like an edgy hipster from New York though! Today’s outfit features an oversized, acid wash jacket that used to be my dad’s in the 80s. Talk about vintage. Under that, I layered an oversized cardigan I found at Goodwill and a high neck lace blouse from ASOS. Complete with black shorts and sheer black tights, and I felt like quite the artsy grungy type as I went about probably failing not one but two tests in AP Calc and Gov (it was awful…let’s not talk about it…)

But who cares? Tomorrow I’ll be in New York 🙂
Blouse: ASOS

Cardigan: Goodwill

Jacket: My father’s closet circa 1980

Shorts: Hollister

Bonus mirror selfie:

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April 25, 2017

By some miracle of God, I made it back to school today.

It was so odd; yesterday, I felt like death, with a cold that weighed down my lungs like lead, and this morning, when I woke up, all the pressure built up in my sinuses was gone.

Who knows, maybe it was just the stress of prom weekend that made me feel so awful.
In other news, I had to go back to the hair salon yesterday and have another application of toner on my hair. Can you tell?

Yeah…me neither. If it were up to me, I probably would’ve just left it as it was – I saw nothing at all wrong with it – but the hair stylist insisted I come back for more toner. Two hours later, she spun around the chair and I looked in the mirror at hair that looked…almost exactly the same? Oh well, I’m no expert on hair. I’m glad she managed to “fix” whatever she thought neeed fixing.

Anyway, back at school today, I still felt slightly under the weather (not to mention totally exhausted from staying up late studying for an AP Gov test), so I kept my outfit it pretty simple and no-nonsense – just a sweater, a shirt, and some pants. That’s not to say it’s not still a fun ensemble – the pattern on the pants and the sweater that draws from the tangerine shades of the flowers is definitely a statement – it just has its fun in different ways. Rather than standing out by being an interestingly put together ensemble, it stands out with its fun designs and colors.

Just two more days until I leave for New York for my senior class trip! I haven’t even started packing. Talk about procrastination.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sweater: Target

Shirt: Forever21

Pants: Ann Taylor LOFT

Bonus mirror selfie:

April 24, 2017

I’m afraid to say, my friends, that I have been struck with plague.

The priest is coming at sundown to administer the last rites. I only hope he arrives before it’s too late…


Of course, I’m exaggerating. But this cold I woke up with this morning certainly feels killer – stuffy nose, sore throat, pounding headache – the works

So what’s a teenager to do when she wakes up with a minor cold? Why, stay home from school of course.


Now, I don’t consider myself an overly lazy person – I always do my work on time, even if it sometimes only gets done at the last minute due to procrastination. Still, today felt like a pretty good day to take off, since I’m still reeling from the stress and exhaustion of prom (which was lovely, by the way. A wonderful way to wrap up senior year).

I say I’m not an overly lazy person – and that applies to even my lazy, sick day outfits. Even though I just sat around the house and no one but my dad saw me today, I still wanted to put a stylish spin on comfort clothes. I wore sweatpants, but I made sure they were well-fitting sweatpants. I wore a cheap camisole, but I layered it over a bright bralette to keep things interesting. I wore an oversized cardigan, but I made sure it was the only baggy thing I wore I could have the contrast  of tight and loose.

I couldn’t resist just wearing my ratty old fuzzy slippers though. Not everything has to be stylish.

Here’s to hoping I feel better soon.


Sweater: Forever21

Sweatpants: Abercrombie

Bralette: Aerie

Bonus mirror selfie:


April 21, 2017


Guess who didn’t go to school today?


That’s right – *points thumbs at self dorkily* this girl!


No, I was not skipping. As much fun as another senior skip day would be, I had some more pressing issues to take care of – prom decorations. Prom committee, despite being a club I initially joined just so I could put it on my resume, is actually pretty fun. My friend and I got to spend the day working on making these giant chalkboard welcome signs, which was by far better than any day spent sitting in a classroom taking notes.


Knowing I was going to be on my hands and knees a lot working,  I needed to wear something practical. I kept it basic with black leggings, a long sleeve cropped sweater, and an asymmetrical black jacket. Because I was drawing (and because it was super warm!), I rolled the sleeves of the jacket up. Actually, that jacket was an afterthought – I had the leggings and the sweater put together, but it didn’t feel quite complete, so I threw it on top on a whim. As for accessories, I wore this super cute layered choker from Francesca’s for a great deal (it was like, $10 reduced from $30) and an old black rubber band that I wear as a ring (it’s a long story…maybe another time).

FullSizeRender-12 2.jpg

Also, I had my hair redone today. It’s nice to not have awkward black roots, lol.

FullSizeRender-19.jpgOh, and fingers crossed that prom goes well!

Jacket: Anthropologie

Sweater: Abercrombie

Choker: Francesca’s

Leggings: Kroger (Lol, I know it sounds awful, but I found these super cheap fleece lined leggings at my local grocery store in the bargain bin for like five bucks. They’ll probably fall apart after a few washes, but they’re comfy and it beats going to Victoria’s Secret for leggings that will stretch out anyway)

FullSizeRender-16FullSizeRender-14 2.jpgFullSizeRender-10.jpg

Bonus mirror selfie:


April 20, 2017

Hey, look who’s back!

FullSizeRender-4 2For real though, here’s to hoping I’m actually capable of keeping up this daily blog. In truth, it’s not like these posts take a super long time to make – an hour, maybe, but I’m a teenager with commitment issues so who knows what I’m going to end up spending my time on.


It’s my senior year of high school this year, and the senioritis has hit me like a truck. Today, I had four classes, and in those four classes, I think serious instruction happened in one of them. That, coupled with the fact that it’s only two days until prom, one week until senior trip, and only one more month until graduation, makes it pretty hard to stay focused.


Today’s outfit follows that theme – not the lack of focus part, that is, but the relaxed, carefree feeling you get at the very end of senior year. I began with the sweatpants – some low-rise grey joggers that I bought on a dare to see if I could actually pull them of. From there, I threw a denim vest over top of it to add to the grunge-y vibe and layered underneath it a long sleeve black crop top and a maroon crop tank top. And over that, went a fringed scarf to cover up the weird layered neckline that came as a result of the two tops.


So what did I learn today? Nothing in school, but in my wardrobe – when part of your outfit doesn’t work but the rest of it does, cover it up with an accessory.


Thanks for reading!

Jacket: Aeropostale

Sweatpants: Target

Black top: H&M

Red top: PacSun

Scarf: Urban Outfitters

FullSizeRender-6 2IMG_8701.JPGFullSizeRender-9 2
FullSizeRender-5 2Bonus mirror selfie:FullSizeRender-8 2



April 19, 2017

Outdoor lighting is both a blessing and a curse.


Hey there Internet, my name is Meilin (pronounced: MAY-lin – it’s okay, no one really gets it right the first time), and this is my blog. I’m making this blog in order to keep, for my own records, a journal of all of the outfits I wear each day of school. And hey, if other people are interested in checking out my outfits, that’s cool too.


Pretty original, right? No one’s ever done an outfit of the day fashion blog before!


Today’s outfit is built around the jacket – a bright, floral Lily Pulitzer piece that I thought was perfect for the start of spring. From there, I pulled from the yellow in the jacket and incorporated a bright yellow sweater layered under a white wrap skirt. Pretty simple, but I figure with the busy jacket, it’s best that way.


Thanks for stopping by!

Jacket: Lily Pulitzer

Sweater: Forever21

Skirt: Pitaya


Bonus: here’s a classic mirror selfie! I’ve been taking one of these every day since my junior year of high school to document all of my outfits. I’ve got a photo album on my phone with all the photos. Maybe one day I’ll share them here.