May 19, 2018 – Rooftop Adventures (OOTD #286)

And I’m back at it again with the parking garage photos.

If you’ll remember, a few months back over my spring break, a friend and I attempted to find a particular building in downtown Lexington that had a pretty view of the city. We’d seen it several times in other people’s Instagram photos, so we knew the relative location, but try as we might, we never found it. Now that summer break’s begun, we thought we would have another shot at finding a nice rooftop for fashion photography.

And we were successful! Sort of.

This still isn’t the elusive parking garage rooftop that we saw in so many Instagram posts, but this is a different one that I believe still makes for some good photography. The big building behind us is the University of Kentucky’s library (much nicer than Notre Dame’s in my opinion, even though it doesn’t have a gigantic mural of Jesus on the side of it). It’s not quite the downtown scene we were looking for, but I still thought it was fun.

Once we were up there, I whipped out my handy dandy remote camera feature on my Apple Watch, and we were in business to take some photos of ourselves, even though there was no one there to take them for us. Amanda drove her Prius up to about two feet away from the ledge we stood on, I balanced my phone against my purse atop the roof, and we got these fun shots!

Don’t play on rooftops though, kids. It’s dangerous. Do as I say, not as I do.

In actuality, though, this was a much safer set up than the previous parking garage we tried. It was less a ledge and more of an entire platform, so as long as we were careful, we were perfectly fine. I wouldn’t do cartwheels, still, but I felt pretty comfortable.

Plus, there was grass below us instead of concrete, so if we tripped and fell, at least our blood would splatter across the soft grass instead of the hard concrete.

As cool as these shots are, I’m still not quite satisfied. I mean, it’s just a library behind us — not the downtown city scene that I saw in so many people’s photos. I guess we shall have to keep searching.

It’s alright though. We do have the whole rest of the summer.

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Jacket: Tobi

Bralette: Aerie

Pants: American Eagle

May 6, 2018 – Notre Dome (OOTD #279)

More Dome pics!

What’s Notre Dame without the Dome, anyway? Are you even a Notre Dame student if you don’t take an obscene amount of photos in front of Main Building?

I think just about every ND student gets these same shots of their friends and them in front of the Golden Dome at some point. It’s a pretty standard shot; I’m pretty sure a month (maybe even a week) doesn’t go by where I don’t come across some Dome pictures on my feed from some friend or some friend of a friend.

For as many pretty buildings as there are on Notre Dame’s campus, you’d think people would get a little more creative with their cute friend Instagram pics — but they don’t. It’s the Dome or nothing.

I guess my friends and I are no different then — so here are my Dome pics (well, the second set). Call me generic.

I did get some fun shots inside of the math building though in front of this globe, which I
never knew existed because I never went into the math building once because I never had to take a math class (hooray for getting a 5 on AP Calculus!).

Apparently I should have gone into the math building though, because it has this super cool globe room (I have no idea what the architectural term would be for this room — like, a big open foyer with a tall ceiling but in the middle of the building? Is there a word for that?). Apparently all of my friends had seen it already (because they had classes in the math building and so they passed a lot), but like I said, I’d never seen it before.

I got excited to see something new, at any rate, which made me think — how many other cool rooms are there throughout campus that I just haven’t seen because I haven’t had a reason to go into them? I guess that’s a mystery to solve over my next three years.

In the meantime, though, it’s good to be at the end of the school year. Those unseen buildings and rooms shall have to be explored another time.

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Shirt: Zara

Dress: American Eagle

March 27, 2018 – Vernal Yearnings (OOTD #255)

Hey look! You can finally properly see the detail on this shirt!

I’ve worn this blouse before, but unfortunately, last time, the print wasn’t visible in the photographs. The outfit was still cute and all, but I think the line drawing detail really makes this shirt pop, so I’m glad I finally get to show it off.

I can’t wait until the spring flowers finally bloom here at Notre Dame because maybe then, I’ll actually have some colorful backgrounds to use that aren’t walls or doors or paint cabinets . Back in late summer, the flowers were truly lovely — so hopefully come spring (WHENEVER THAT FINALLY ARRIVES HERE IN THE FROZEN TUNDRA OF THE MIDWEST), they’ll be even lovelier.

I seriously can’t believe nothing has bloomed yet here. I expected to have to deal with a harsher winter than I had ever experienced in Kentucky when I moved north, but I didn’t expect tor the winter to last so stupidly long. It’s draining, honestly. I love the cold, but too much of a good thing isn’t good. I just wanna see the sun again.

I have seen a few buds here and there though, and the tulips and daffodils are beginning to sprout. Maybe the flowers are coming in the next few weeks.

Or at least, I hope they come in the next few weeks because I’ve only got a few more weeks left of school! I calculated it the other day, and I’m pretty sure I only have 3.5 more weeks of class, and 5 more weeks until the end of the semester (one week of finals and half a week of reading days making up the difference.) With the pace things have been going though, I’m afraid I’m going to be packing up to go home and there will still be snow on the ground.

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Shirt: H&M

Jeans: American Eagle

March 13, 2018 — #Skooled (OOTD #244)

As much as I resent losing sleep during spring daylight savings, I am a fan of having more hours of daylight in the evenings.

It’s particularly useful for doing photos after dinnertime. It used be, especially in January/February, that I would have to get my OOTD shots done before about 6:00pm or else it was too dark to get natural light at all. Now, I’m good until at least 7:30, which takes a lot of pressure off of me.

When I’m home, like I was in these photos, I like to make my outfits out of articles of clothing that I know I will not have with me while at school, like this coat, sweater, boots, and scarf. I feel badly when my clothes aren’t worn, and I miss the pieces I can’t bring with me to my little wardrobe in my dorm at Notre Dame.

Breaks are a time for me to capitalize on my sleep and free time so I am very appreciative of them.

Though, to be honest, I might actually prefer going to school year-round if it meant my workload was significantly lightened. I’d sacrifice a few weekends and breaks to get rid of homework. It’s been a nuisance since literally kindergarten, and it’s only gotten worse as I’ve gotten older.

I heard one of my friends talking the other day about how she enjoyed exams, how they were like puzzles for her to figure out — and I couldn’t agree less. What kind of person likes exams? Even if you know every answer, and make 100% — which probably hasn’t happened to me since middle school — what’s there to like about the actual process of sitting down and writing out answers so someone else can offer you validation?

As much as I appreciate the education I’ve received so far in my life, I still don’t think I’m really the type of person who likes school. I do alright grades-wise, but I can’t imagine becoming a teacher or a professor and remaining in this system for the rest of my life. I mean, I can’t necessarily say there’s anything better out there in the workforce, since I haven’t gotten there yet, but looking back, I think the most enjoyable moments of my life have happened separate from my education experience.

You never stop learning, of course, but I hope I do get to stop schooling at some point, haha.

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Sweater: American Eagle

Boots: Target

March 3, 2018 – Farmers’ Market Fashion (OOTD #237)

Oops…so it’s been a while.

Ironically, in my last blog post (well…not the last — but the second-to-last) , I said something along the lines of, “don’t worry, I’ll have a nice long blog post for you tomorrow!” And then, not only did I not have a long blog post, but I didn’t post a blog at all!

For three days.

I don’t typically have long periods of time between blog posts, so I guess three days isn’t the worst. I’m usually pretty good at posting consistently here, so here’s to hoping that I’m able to keep up my schedule for the rest of the year?

The other day, about a week before I left for spring break (so, a week before this blog was posted) some people in my section from my dorm all went on an outing to the South Bend Farmers’ Market. I don’t believe I’ve ever gone to a farmers’ market, but after what I saw on Saturday, I would 100% go again.

Maybe I was just really excited to see things that were for sale for money other than Flex Points or Domer Dollars, but it seemed like a nice little market they had set up. If I were rich enough to buy my produce locally every week, I could definitely see myself going with some friends on a Saturday morning, picking up our groceries, and then stopping somewhere for brunch.

Like I said, if I were rich. As it is, I bought one pound of grapes and that about wiped out my bank account, so I’m going to have to stick to every once in a while for now.

It was fun to get off campus, though. I think I’d been stuck at Notre Dame for about eight straight weeks when I finally got out for this little field trip, and I was definitely craving it.

We came across this little tea and spices shop, and the colors were just so delightful I couldn’t help but ask to get some pictures with it. I love a good background, so even on days where I don’t usually do OOTDs, like Saturdays, I’ll make an exception if I see a colorful, well-lit environnement. Lord knows I don’t always get those at school.

Top: Zara

Jeans: Abercrombie

Scarf: American Eagle

February 21, 2018 – Yellow Bellied (OOTD #230)

Get it? Because my shirt is yellow and I’m about to go into a post about how midterms are scary?

Okay, so maybe “scared” isn’t really the word to describe my mental state right now, but certainly “anxious.”

Midterms are next week, and I am very much not in support of it. How on earth did I manage all oft his stress and work last semester? Did I even manage it at all, or did I just just self-combust way back in October and now I’m living in a state of imaginary limbo?

For real though, I always hear complaints about finals week, how that’s the true bane of a college student’s existence, but I’d contest that midterms are worse. You have all the stress of big, important tests with the added pressure of having to continue attending classes and going to meetings. Finals are truly that – final, so there’s something almost comforting about their decisive conclusiveness that midterms do not offer.

If I ever become the president of a school, I think I would treat midterms much like finals – cancel classes for that week and then even offer a reading day or two before they begin.

On a more positive note, I believe that part of my stress has to do with attending fun events and doing things with my friends more often than I did last semester. I’ve been to a few concerts, I ran (and was elected) as the Student Union Board representative for my dorm, and I’ve applied for some study abroad and internship opportunities for the summer. It’s been a good busy.

What’s been a bad busy is that I just realized I have an essay due in two days that I didn’t even realize was due, and I haven’t slept properly in…a while. What’s been a bad busy is that I’m writing this blog in the margins of my notes while listening to my professor lecture because I don’t know if I’ll have time to write at any other point today.

Two more weeks until spring break.

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Shirt: Thrifted

Dress: American Eagle

February 1, 2018 – For The Love of February (OOTD #216)

Did you know? February is actually my favorite month.

I know a lot of people aren’t a fan of it – it’s normally pretty grey, cold, and in some parts, snowy. There’s also not really much to get excited for, save for maybe Valentine’s Day, which, as holidays go, is about as applicable to me as as Hanukkah. It’s nice to observe from a cultural standpoint, but I don’t necessarily participate in the festivities, you know?

I think it has to do with the way that February has always been a month that’s heavy in snow days – not that I get any of those now now that I’m in the Chicago area, where several feet of snow is just an average Tuesday.  I wonder what it would take for Notre Dame to cancel classes for the weather? I feel like even in the event of a blizzard, they’d have us trudging through the ice and winds unless Mary herself descended from the heavens and told Father Jenkins to let us stay in.

I heard a horror story once of some time in the early 2000’s when, upon students’ return from winter break, the windchill was 40 below on campus. If that happens while I’m here, I think I may have to reconsider the winter’s status as my favorite season.

As for February though, I feel like no one else tends to really favor (or even like) it, so it’s in need of some love. Plus, by proclaiming it as my favorite month, I get to tell people about the time my junior year of high school that I only went to school for one week the entire month of February because Kentucky didn’t know how to handle #snowpocalypse2016.

Notre Dame’s excessive snowfall hasn’t yet hampered my love of the stuff, though. It helps that I swear it actually makes things feel warmer here. And when it’s 0 degrees Fahrenheit when you wake up for your 9:30AM, you take anything you can that’ll act as a buffer to the horrific winds.

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jacket: vintage (thrifted)

jeans: American Eagle

top: Forever21

January 23, 2018 – Boyfriend Jeans Instead Of A Boyfriend (OOTD #208)

If you had asked me this time last year if there’s anyway I could’ve seen myself with short brown hair, wearing a motorcycle jacket and boyfriend jeans, I’m not sure I would have believed you.

I guess a large part of my disbelief would have come from the hair – I think the Meilin of January 2017 would have liked to believe she could be long-haired and blonde forever.  It was such a major part of how I defined myself that I even wrote one of my college application essays on it.

I’m not actually blonde though – I’m a brunette – and eventually, the bleach got to be too much for my poor hair follicles. We’ll see how long until I start assaulting my scalp with chemicals again, but for now, the plan is to let my hair rest and grow out for a while.

Just as surprising to my 2017 self would have been the outfit though. Boyfriend jeans and  a motorcycle jacket? Not that I would have had anything against something edgier like that – my little high school emo self was definitely into anything that made me look like a scary teenager – but it was always still within a very feminine vein.

This outfit is much more tomboyish than I ever would have seen myself in before – and I think that’s actually a pretty great thing! I guess this is still more an observation than a passage of judgment, but regardless, I think trying out new styles and expanding on one’s fashion repertoire is always a healthy thing to do.

It’s definitely been for me getting to explore and investigate into this new boyish kind of style that I hadn’t really considered myself open to before. More options the better, right?

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Jacket: Hollister

Top: H&M

Jeans: American Eagle

January 13, 2018 – Winter Shorts Part 2 (OOTD #201)

If you’re looking for context behind the meaning of today’s blog title, look no further than this blog from earlier this week.

However, unlike the situation from earlier this week, when I found myself in 65 degree temperatures in mid-January, making shorts an unusually rational choice, this outfit features shorts for no particular reason other than I couldn’t find anything else I wanted to wear with this sweater. Also, it was like, 10 degrees and snowing, so you can rest assured that I’m still as irrational about my fashion choices as ever.

I did opt for the tights-under-shorts look in a (mostly vain) attempt to warm up my legs a little. It might have also had something to do with the fact that I wanted to get more wear out of the patterned black tights I had worn the day before… but like I said – it was vain.

(Peep my dog)

The decision to layer a collared shirt underneath the lace-up sweater actually came from an LL Bean catalogue I saw my dad flipping through. Normally, I’m more one to get my fashion inspiration from Pinterest and Tumblr rather than print sources, but that’s a preference rather than a rule. I’ll take new ideas from whatever I can get – I don’t believe there’s any intellectual elitism in inspiration, only in how you explain the inspiration.

Anyway, I saw some model in the catalogue wearing a collared shirt underneath a lace-up sweater, and I thought to myself that I had to give it a shot. And that’s how we got here with me in a collared shirt and lace-up sweater with tights and shorts on a snowy, 10 degree Kentucky day: one part practicality, one part vanity, and one part inspiration.

Oh, and one part just frantically trying to pick out an outfit in time to take the dog for a walk with my dad before he got irritated and missed much of the Eagles game. Does that fit into the practicality category?

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Sweater: American Eagle

Shirt: Hollister

Shorts: Hollister

January 12, 2018 – Snow Place Like Home (OOTD #200)

It finally happened! We got snow in Kentucky!

It didn’t really do much for me personally, as I headed back to school at Notre Dame a few days after it fell, and if there’s anything we in Northern Indiana are accustomed to, it’s snow. That and corn fields.

Kentuckians, on the other hand, are significantly less familiar with that white fluffy stuff that falls from the sky – in fact, I’m pretty sure we see more falling cotton from the cottonwood trees than snowflakes.

Winter has always been my favorite season in Kentucky because it’s fairly mild. Not so mild that it doesn’t feel like winter at all, like what you get in warm places like Florida or California, but not so bitter cold that you get tired of it quickly. Snow in Kentucky is a pleasant rarity – the sort of thing that you only get a few times a year so it never outstays its welcome.

Though, once, my sophomore of high school, it rather did outstay its welcome, and I wound up staying home from school for weeks. I think I only went to classes a few days out of the entire month of February (which is, interestingly, why February is now my favorite month). That’s fairly unusual though; Kentucky snow is usually either only a slight dusting, so little that it barely impacts anything, or when it is more substantial, it’s gone within a few days.

Life at Snotre Dame has yet to kill my love of snow and winter weather – though it was getting a touch old by the end of last semester. I have months to go before the start of spring, so I hope that my favoritism for the cold stays around. If it doesn’t, I don’t see how I’m going to manage to stay around campus.

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Jacket: American Eagle

Sweater: Altar’d State

Skirt: Forever21

Shoes: Target