April 19, 2017

Outdoor lighting is both a blessing and a curse.


Hey there Internet, my name is Meilin (pronounced: MAY-lin – it’s okay, no one really gets it right the first time), and this is my blog. I’m making this blog in order to keep, for my own records, a journal of all of the outfits I wear each day of school. And hey, if other people are interested in checking out my outfits, that’s cool too.


Pretty original, right? No one’s ever done an outfit of the day fashion blog before!


Today’s outfit is built around the jacket – a bright, floral Lily Pulitzer piece that I thought was perfect for the start of spring. From there, I pulled from the yellow in the jacket and incorporated a bright yellow sweater layered under a white wrap skirt. Pretty simple, but I figure with the busy jacket, it’s best that way.


Thanks for stopping by!

Jacket: Lily Pulitzer

Sweater: Forever21

Skirt: Pitaya


Bonus: here’s a classic mirror selfie! I’ve been taking one of these every day since my junior year of high school to document all of my outfits. I’ve got a photo album on my phone with all the photos. Maybe one day I’ll share them here.


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