May 25, 2017 – Little Yellow Raincoat (OOTD #29)

Weather-wise, things were both lovely and awful today.

It was lovely in that here we are, late May, and it’s only 60 degrees out. And that’s the high. I personally hate the heat, so this cooler weather is a blessing for me and my taste in layered clothing, long sleeves, and pants.

But in terms of ickiness, it was rather chilly and rainy today. I went running this afternoon; that was an adventure trying to keep my eyes open as the misty, spitty rain kept falling in my eyes. Not to mention my wet hair.

Otherwise, it was a pleasantly dull day today. I slept in, after having been out so late last night, and worked on this blog. I set up a Twitter account for L’ensemble du jour, which I highly suggest you check out. I admittedly don’t have much in terms of posts yet, but I’m sure I’ll get a hang of it soon! Social media shoudln’t be that difficult of a challenge to conquer for a Millenial like myself, right?

No news on a job yet, but that’s okay. Worst case scenario, I know places like Panera and Home Depot are always hiring, so I’m sure I could get in somewhere like that if I was desperate enough.

Which I’m not, yet. Something will come up, right?

Since my life today consisted of sitting at home on the couch and eating ramen noodles, it wasn’t a particularly fancy day in terms of fashion. I did, however, find it rather appropriate to go for my classic yellow raincoat and forest green rain boots. Now, I’m not cool enough to have actual Hunter rain boots, but I do have these nice Michael Kors ones, so I’m still trendy. Kinda, sorta?

The rest of the outfit was fairly simple – some black leggings, a printed sweater that reads C’est la vie (I’m a fan of French, can you tell?) and a sparkly J. Crew necklace to dress things up. Can’t be too casual, even on a lazy day off!

For real though, that’s it. I wish I could tell you about all my exciting adventures and all the crazy things I did today, but in truth, it was just a lazy, sit at home and watch the rain fall type of a day. It was nice.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in the next one! Shout out to my dog, Juliet, for being an excellent model.
Coat: North Face

Necklace: J. Crew

Sweater: Forever21

Boots: Michael Kors

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10 thoughts on “May 25, 2017 – Little Yellow Raincoat (OOTD #29)

      1. I tell you it won’t be easy. You will miss your baby :))
        That’s why I am seriously thinking of getting a dog on my own now as my mum doesn’t want to give me the dogs I (and my siblings) were growing up with :)) haha but I don’t blame her for that, they’re our little treasures. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep! She’s a Bichon! And thank you for the compliment on the rain coat; it actually took me forever to find one in the bright yellow color I wanted. Funnily enough, I actually came across it one day at the mall when I wasn’t even shopping for a rain coat!

      Liked by 1 person

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