April 20, 2017

Hey, look who’s back!

FullSizeRender-4 2For real though, here’s to hoping I’m actually capable of keeping up this daily blog. In truth, it’s not like these posts take a super long time to make – an hour, maybe, but I’m a teenager with commitment issues so who knows what I’m going to end up spending my time on.


It’s my senior year of high school this year, and the senioritis has hit me like a truck. Today, I had four classes, and in those four classes, I think serious instruction happened in one of them. That, coupled with the fact that it’s only two days until prom, one week until senior trip, and only one more month until graduation, makes it pretty hard to stay focused.


Today’s outfit follows that theme – not the lack of focus part, that is, but the relaxed, carefree feeling you get at the very end of senior year. I began with the sweatpants – some low-rise grey joggers that I bought on a dare to see if I could actually pull them of. From there, I threw a denim vest over top of it to add to the grunge-y vibe and layered underneath it a long sleeve black crop top and a maroon crop tank top. And over that, went a fringed scarf to cover up the weird layered neckline that came as a result of the two tops.


So what did I learn today? Nothing in school, but in my wardrobe – when part of your outfit doesn’t work but the rest of it does, cover it up with an accessory.


Thanks for reading!

Jacket: Aeropostale

Sweatpants: Target

Black top: H&M

Red top: PacSun

Scarf: Urban Outfitters

FullSizeRender-6 2IMG_8701.JPGFullSizeRender-9 2
FullSizeRender-5 2Bonus mirror selfie:FullSizeRender-8 2



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