June 2, 2017 – Not Quite Pastel Grunge (OOTD #35)

I’ve always liked the concept of pastel grunge.

Ever since I was 12, setting up my first Tumblr and Pinterest accounts and getting into the world of Internet fashion, I found that the concept of pastel grunge was glamorous. It was such a fascinating concept – blending the soft, feminine look of pastels with the hard, dark look of grunge. Though I like not to associate myself with any particular style (it’s no fun being only a “preppy” style blog, or just a “hipster” blog; why put those limitations on yourself?), pastel grunge is probably up there with my favorites.

So today’s outfit is inspired with my middle school obsession with pastel grunge, which, by the way, I never got to fully embrace, as middle school for me was spent wearing exclusively Abercrombie and Aeropostale – no other brands were socially acceptable. I called it “not so” pastel grunge, though, as I figured it wasn’t quite a Tumblr-level quality of the aesthetic, as I lack the Doc Martens or flower crown that is necessary for the look.

But what I lacked in flower crowns and Doc Martens I made up for in floral skirts and layered chokers! Today’s outfit was all about the accessories, as without the high-neck black lace bralette peaking under the pink sweater, the layered choker worthy of a Hot Topic employee, and the black booties, it would be a pretty vanilla outfit. But that’s what pastel grunge is all about – making a soft look more edgy. 

Today’s outfit was also rather focused on comfort, as I spent my day resting at home recovering from the accident and waiting for a refrigerator repairman to show up. My neck is still sore, but in all honesty, I was expecting much worse for the second day. People always say the days after a car wreck are the worst in terms of soreness. All I feel is some achy bones and a minor headache, as if I got a really terrible night of sleep on the floor.

That’s it for today – it was a pretty uneventful day, with very little to report. I hope you enjoyed the outfit, and I’ll see you in the next one!

Sweater: Altar’d State

Chokers: Hot Topic (I wasn’t kidding about them being worthy of a Hot Topic employee!)

Skirt: Aeropostale

Bralette: Aerie

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