April 25, 2017

By some miracle of God, I made it back to school today.

It was so odd; yesterday, I felt like death, with a cold that weighed down my lungs like lead, and this morning, when I woke up, all the pressure built up in my sinuses was gone.

Who knows, maybe it was just the stress of prom weekend that made me feel so awful.
In other news, I had to go back to the hair salon yesterday and have another application of toner on my hair. Can you tell?

Yeah…me neither. If it were up to me, I probably would’ve just left it as it was – I saw nothing at all wrong with it – but the hair stylist insisted I come back for more toner. Two hours later, she spun around the chair and I looked in the mirror at hair that looked…almost exactly the same? Oh well, I’m no expert on hair. I’m glad she managed to “fix” whatever she thought neeed fixing.

Anyway, back at school today, I still felt slightly under the weather (not to mention totally exhausted from staying up late studying for an AP Gov test), so I kept my outfit it pretty simple and no-nonsense – just a sweater, a shirt, and some pants. That’s not to say it’s not still a fun ensemble – the pattern on the pants and the sweater that draws from the tangerine shades of the flowers is definitely a statement – it just has its fun in different ways. Rather than standing out by being an interestingly put together ensemble, it stands out with its fun designs and colors.

Just two more days until I leave for New York for my senior class trip! I haven’t even started packing. Talk about procrastination.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sweater: Target

Shirt: Forever21

Pants: Ann Taylor LOFT

Bonus mirror selfie:

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