April 26, 2017

In twelve hours from the time I write this, I will be in New York City.

I must admit, when they announced that this year’s senior class trip would be to NYC, I was a little disappointed. Even though I’m such a sucker for New York, and even though I’ve been a fan since I first visited in fifth grade, and every time since, I had hoped we would go somewhere I haven’t been before.

But now, as the trip is just hours away, my disappointment has turned into excitement.

I just really love big cities – their energy and movement is so captivating. I guess it’s pretty cliché, but I do have a bit of a girlish fantasy about owning one of those multimullion dollar apartments in Manhattan. It’s also something of a dream of mine to attend grad school at Columbia University.

But for now, and for the next twelve hours at least, I am still a Kentucky girl living in a small suburban college town.

That doesn’t mean I can’t dress like an edgy hipster from New York though! Today’s outfit features an oversized, acid wash jacket that used to be my dad’s in the 80s. Talk about vintage. Under that, I layered an oversized cardigan I found at Goodwill and a high neck lace blouse from ASOS. Complete with black shorts and sheer black tights, and I felt like quite the artsy grungy type as I went about probably failing not one but two tests in AP Calc and Gov (it was awful…let’s not talk about it…)

But who cares? Tomorrow I’ll be in New York 🙂
Blouse: ASOS

Cardigan: Goodwill

Jacket: My father’s closet circa 1980

Shorts: Hollister

Bonus mirror selfie:

Also, be sure to check out my new Instagram! I just started it a day or two ago, and I’d really appreciate a follow! I follow back 😀

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