April 21, 2017


Guess who didn’t go to school today?


That’s right – *points thumbs at self dorkily* this girl!


No, I was not skipping. As much fun as another senior skip day would be, I had some more pressing issues to take care of – prom decorations. Prom committee, despite being a club I initially joined just so I could put it on my resume, is actually pretty fun. My friend and I got to spend the day working on making these giant chalkboard welcome signs, which was by far better than any day spent sitting in a classroom taking notes.


Knowing I was going to be on my hands and knees a lot working,  I needed to wear something practical. I kept it basic with black leggings, a long sleeve cropped sweater, and an asymmetrical black jacket. Because I was drawing (and because it was super warm!), I rolled the sleeves of the jacket up. Actually, that jacket was an afterthought – I had the leggings and the sweater put together, but it didn’t feel quite complete, so I threw it on top on a whim. As for accessories, I wore this super cute layered choker from Francesca’s for a great deal (it was like, $10 reduced from $30) and an old black rubber band that I wear as a ring (it’s a long story…maybe another time).

FullSizeRender-12 2.jpg

Also, I had my hair redone today. It’s nice to not have awkward black roots, lol.

FullSizeRender-19.jpgOh, and fingers crossed that prom goes well!

Jacket: Anthropologie

Sweater: Abercrombie

Choker: Francesca’s

Leggings: Kroger (Lol, I know it sounds awful, but I found these super cheap fleece lined leggings at my local grocery store in the bargain bin for like five bucks. They’ll probably fall apart after a few washes, but they’re comfy and it beats going to Victoria’s Secret for leggings that will stretch out anyway)

FullSizeRender-16FullSizeRender-14 2.jpgFullSizeRender-10.jpg

Bonus mirror selfie:


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