May 18, 2017 – I Probably Wear Too Much Black

I feel like it was just yesterday I was writing a blog yapping about how I was kind of stupid for wearing all black in mid-May, but apparently, I didn’t learn my lesson, because here I am again.


I just can’t help it! Black is such a cool and confident color. Plus, it’s one of the only colors that you can even wear all by itself, monotone, without looking stupid.


Today I was significantly less hot though, as I had my arms and legs bare. Hooray for my school’s lax dress code that lets me wear practical clothing in the summer!


The focus of today’s outfit is definitely the jacket. Can you believe I actually got this at a thrift shop? I adore thrift shops – there was once a time in my life, back when I was a self-entitled, snot-nosed middle schooler, when I believed I was much above second-hand clothes, but those days are long gone. I’m a poor high school/college kid now, and there’s no room for pride when you want cool clothes but you have no money! 

Back to the jacket though – I’m not familiar with the brand myself, but I would definitely buy from them again. It’s such a fabulous concept – the structure of the large bow and the architectural collar definitely makes it something you’re not just going to happen upon at your local Forever21. Unique clothes that you can tell a designer put genuine thought behind are my favorite.


As for a bottom, I definitely didn’t want to upstage my wonderful swing jacket, but I still knew I needed something that wasn’t totally basic to compliment it. Luckily, I had the perfect piece already in mind – this layered Zara skirt, which also came to me second-hand. I bought it off of a vendor on Poshmark for an outfit for the second day of this school year, and I have not regretted it. I wear it so much because it’s a basic black skirt that goes with everything, yet its clever design makes it so much more interesting than that. In this outfit, I found that it perfectly accompanied my jacket, peeking just underneath it to add to the architectural flair.


Also, today was my last full day of school. I kinda expected it to be bittersweet, but mostly, it was just boring, since a lot of my friends have just been skipping. Tomorrow, it’s all over though! At least until graduation, one week later.


That’s it for today! See you in the next one!

Jacket: LelaRose

Skirt: Zara

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