May 17, 2017 – Hunger Games Style

Good evening my friends!What a dull day it’s been. I guess that’s rather to be expected, as it’s the end of the year, and none of my teachers have anything else to teach. 

In previous years, the end of school meant getting whole classes to cram for other finals or play card games with friends, but now, as a senior, I’ve exempted most of my finals and half of my friends are just skipping. My senior year is going out, not so much with a bang, but with a quiet cough.

Still working at getting a summer job. I’ve applied to way too many places to count – so far with little success – but that’s the way it is when you’re a kid with little more than a high school diploma and a year of experience working in an office to her name. Something will come up though, I’m sure of it!

Actually, I tried to work more at applying for jobs today while I was in class doing nothing, but the stupid school WiFi was acting up. Not that it isn’t usually acting up – but it was being particularly ornery as there were so many kids trying to use it all at once, as we all sat in class bored with nothing to do but play on our phones.

But you know me, and a boring day doesn’t not equal a boring outfit! I rather like this one, mostly because I simply adore each piece I’m wearing individually. My top I got as a gift from my parents for Christmas gift last year, and it is quite possibly my favorite piece in my entire wardrobe – and that’s saying something. I call it my dragon slayer shirt, as it has these super cool leather scales that go up the right sleeve. I always get so many compliments on it, and I love it for how unique it is. On top of that, I layered this fun, steampunk-like scarf shawl – not necessarily the most practical thing ever, but very necessary when you’re trying to look like a dragon-slaying, abandoned city-wandering Katniss. And on bottom, I wore distressed motorcycle leggings – again, definitely more fashion than utilitarian, but I’m into aestheticism. 

All in all, I definitely was feeling a post-apocolyptic, steampunk, Hunger Games vibe. How fitting for high school.

Shirt: I wish I knew! It was a gift, and it has no tag 😕

Leggings and scarf: Altar’d State

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