May 19, 2017 – My Last Day of High School

It’s exactly as the title says folks: today was my last day of high school!

…good riddance. 

No, I’m kidding. Sort of. Like everything in life, high school has had its ups and its downs for me, but on the whole, I think it was a positive experience. I made a lot of friends, learned plenty of new things, and found that I can push myself harder than ever. It had its painful moments, and I am ready to go, but there are without question some things I’ll miss – Cultural Society, the band hallway, 3rd period AP World Histoey with Mrs. Williams…

Today, we actually were only in the actual school building until 11:30. They made us run through some graduation practice, served us some cheap breakfast (bagels and donuts from Kroger sort of a thing), and then kicked us out. There was no crying, no nostalgic reminiscing – they just shooed everyone out and locked the door.

Welcome to the real world, I guess?

Speaking of school, my outfit was based around my Notre Dame football jersey again. Normally, I don’t like to wear the same piece so quickly after it had recently been worn, but I had to this time – the senior class decided that for the last day of school, we’d all wear shirts for our colleges. I do think I managed to get it styled in a completely different way though – with white and gold shorts that just barely peeked over the jerseys, calf-high socks, and a simple choker, I channeled a sporty chic vibe.

After graduation practice, two friends and I headed to down town Lex to get lunch, do some shopping, and walk around. We headed to the Woodland Triangle area, and lemme tell you – I made out like a bandit. For under $50, I wound up with a coat, gloves, shoes, and pants! 

How did I do it, you ask? Carefully scanning for sales and hitting up thrift stores!
It was a ton of fun. My friends and I couldn’t help but marveling every few minutes at the fact that we had actually finished high school. That we didn’t have to go back. That, except for graduation on Wednesday, it was finally all over.

And that evening, my parents and I hit up the Living Arts and Sciences Center where I had a piece in display for Gallery Hop. Like I’ve said before, I don’t consider myself a good enough artist to ever do it professionally, but I’m happy to do it as a hobby in my free time. We only stuck around for a few minutes because it quickly got pretty crowded, but I did manage to get a picture with my piece.

After that, we visited the Maserati Mingle, an annual car show that my dad absolutely loves. This is me next to a Porsche Boxter, my favorite car in the show. It just has such a sexy design – I would love to own one one day, or at least, get to ride with someone who did.

That’s it for today. It was super-busy, but all in a good way. I can’t wait to get some sleep though!

Shirt: Notre Dame Store

Shorts: Abercrombie

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