October 3, 2017 – Generic Autumn Outfit (OOTD #127)

You know how I went on waxing poetic about how much I loved falling the last blog?

I’m going to spare your ears (eyes?) and not do that again here, even though my outfit is so painfully obviously a manifestation of my love of fall. I mean, just look at those oranges and greens – is there even a doubt in anyone’s mind in what season I bought this at Target?

(Plot twist: it was actually spring, and my parents got it for me for Easter. Pretty sure it was on sale…but the point still stands)

Lol, fall’s not even my favorite season – winter is. I guess I just really love the changing seasons and getting to talk about it. I can even get into summer a little at the very beginning in June when it’s just getting warm enough to start wearing shorts and flip flops without being chilly in the mornings.

Midterms week is beginning to kick in here at College ™ , and it’s beginning to kick my…my parents read this, so I’m going to say “butt” to spare their mentalities. I don’t even have that many midterms this week – my godawful testing week actually fell about two weeks ago, when I had a few papers and a few pre-fall break exams all at once. I do have one in Astronomy, which I am 4394308% not looking forward to as well as a short essay for my Chinese history class, but that’s really not bad compared to what some people have. One of my roommates has five exams this week – bless her soul.

I think it’s just the overall vibe of stress that’s getting to me. Like I said, I don’t really have much of a reason to be stressed – especially since it’s October and October is a part of the holy trinity of holiday months – but seeing other people be stressed makes me feel like I ought to be as well.

In a few days though, it’ll be all over and I’ll be back home in Kentucky for fall break, which should be fun. Not sure what I’ll be doing for that whole week – probably just contemplating how unappreciative I was of Lexington and its status as a city. I used to complain about how Lexington was small and there was nothing to do, but I see now I was wrong: South Bend is small and has nothing to do. Lexington might as well be New York City in comparison.

I’m exaggerating of course – but I do rather miss being just a short car ride away from things like the mall, the movie theater, downtown, etc. South Bend, I assume, has all of those things too, but, without a car, I would never know that. You’re saying there’s a world outside of Notre Dame’s campus? Are you sure?

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in the next one with more updates on my life here at Notre Dame. Don’t forget to check me out on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr! For business inquiries, shoot me an email at lensembledujour@gmail.com!

Dress: Target

Sweater: Altar’d State

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