September 23, 2017 – How Do You Like Them Apples? (OOTD #120)

You know…I have absolutely no idea what that references.

Obviously, I’m sitting here in front of a computer, so I could totally look it up and solve the mystery (well, the mystery to me anyway), but I don’t really feel like it. It kind of spoils the magic of the thing. Ignorance is bliss, as they say…though I’m pretty sure that’s not how that saying usually is usually meant…

Anyway, I’m back with the photos that I wasn’t able to post on Friday! For a more detailed description of the conundrum, you can read my post from a few days ago, but the short version is that I had to post my outfit from September 25 before my outfit from September 23 because I hadn’t received the Sept 23 photos from the photographer yet. That’s all behind us now, though – on to the description of my apple-picking adventures.

As I mentioned in the Saturday Musings + Coffee post from September 23, I went out with a group of girls from my residence hall to pick apples at a local farm. And you know what? It was absolutely heavenly.

Okay…well…maybe it not. It was swelteringly hot, and that kind of ruined the “heavenly” effect, but it was still a lot of fun, especially considering that September 23 was actually the second day of fall. And what better place to spend the beginning of fall than a farm?

Maybe a farm with air conditioning, but that’s beside the point.

It wasn’t a huge farm, not like the kinds I’m used to in Kentucky, but it was charming anyway. As far as I could tell, they had a couple of rows of apple trees, some grape vines, and maybe some other fruits that weren’t currently in season. No pumpkin patch, corn maze, or hay rides, unfortunately. Guess I’ll have to wait for fall break when I’m back in Lexington for that.

But what they did have in abundance were good photo-taking opportunities, and you can bet that I took advantage of as many of those as possible. My roommate, Mariana (in the orange dress next to me in the second photo below) had her DSLR camera with her, meaning I was bothering her every three minutes to take pictures of me. I think she was perhaps more interested in taking pictures of the scenery and the plants…but she was still willing to indulge my narcissism every once in a while, and for that I’m grateful.

I’ll be sure to get her a nice Christmas present or something.

I wish we could have spent longer there, but sadly, the sun was getting higher in the sky and it was getting hotter with every passing minute. Honestly, you can probably even see the beads of sweat on my face in some of these photos. It’s okay though – it just makes me all the more excited for fall weather and for the chance to go home and do even more fall weather things.

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Jacket: Lilly Pulitzer


Shorts: PacSun

Photo creds: Mariana and her lovely DSLR camera

August 26, 2017 – Waking Up To A Choir Of Angels (OOTD #96)

The chaos never quiets at Notre Dame.

Saturday, which began my first weekend alone here, saw me waking up late after having been out at party (that I lasted a whopping 30 minutes at before calling it quits) the night prior. I actually awoke to the sound of the choir practicing practically outside my window on South Quad – prompting me to wonder if perhaps I hadn’t made it home Friday night, and that maybe angels were welcoming me into heaven.

Nope, I’m just at Catholic school, and the full choir practicing out on South Quad at 9 AM in the morning is a perfectly normal occurrence.

Maybe it’s not perfectly normal – actually, it was part of a celebration for Notre Dame’s 175th anniversary, which happened to fall on my freshman year. They did a 3 mile walk in the morning, followed by a mass (which was what the choir was practicing for), and then a picnic for everyone to enjoy.

Needless to say, I hit up that picnic in the afternoon – there’s no way that I, a broke college kid, am going to ever refuse free food.

It’s very pleasing to be able to finally consider myself amongst the proverbial “broke college kids.” I even made a post dedicated to that aesthetic for yesterday’s OOTD – check it out here.  “Broke high school kid” just doesn’t the same weight, doesn’t conjure up the same image. It’s like up until college, no one takes your complaints and general teenage angst about life seriously – then, in college, you finally gain the ability to be pessimistic and grumpy with the adults.

Other than the picnic, my day was pretty much empty to do whatever I wanted. I can’t imagine I’ll continue to have this much free time as the weeks go on in the semester – can I? I don’t even know. I feel like I’m doing something wrong, not having work or homework or some kind of task that needs to be done looming over my head, but I guess that’s just the way it is for this first week of school.

I even had time to go out with some girls from my dorm, pictured below:

I’m sure the stress will set in eventually and I’ll have plenty of time to wallow in my own misery then! And no one can tell me I can’t because I’m an adult now with responsibilities and problems with the best of them!

I kid, of course. I can wallow in misery without any stress to trigger the reaction!

Kidding, again.

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Top: H&M

Shorts: PacSun

Jacket: Forever21

Boots: Ralph Lauren



August 21, 2017 – Total Eclipse of the Heart (OOTD #91)

Once upon a time there was light in my life…now there’s only light in the dark…

Fun fact – I actually became familiar with this song through Glee. It’s one of the only songs where I believe the Glee version is better than the original (no offense Bonnie Tyler – it’s just a little too 80s for me), and I probably know more of the lyrics than I would care to admit.

So Monday was eclipse day! Here in South Bend, I think we wound up getting about 89% totality, which, unfortunately, was a little less impressive than the 98% that I believe Lexington was supposed to get. Guess I should have stayed at home, huh?

Honestly, the eclipse as I experienced it was a little…how do I put this – lackluster? Disappointing? Sad? I’m not sure if I expected the heavens to open up and the angels to begin singing, but I did sort of expect a little darkness, maybe? I think it normally gets darker when a cloud covers the sun than when this eclipse happened though, lol.

I brought along my eclipse glasses that I purchased the glorious Home Depot before I left Lexington and sat out on the lawn with some girls from my dorm, munching on grapes, watching the people, and preparing myself for some kind of epic, earth shattering experience.

Unfortunately, it never came. At the point closest to totality, it did get a little shadowy-er over the quad, but honestly, if you had not told me that there was an eclipse going on, I might not have known.

But that’s okay! I got to hang out with some friends and chill, so that was pretty dope. For whatever reason, no one bothered to tell me that I didn’t need to be wearing my eclipse glasses in this photo though, so…maybe not that dope.

Overall, it was just a really relaxed day. Okay, perhaps I should rephrase that – it was really relaxed in comparison to the other Welcome Weekend days. I had some actual free time today to sit around and do homework, and I haven’t had any moments like that yet. Dare I say doing homework was almost nice?

Yeah…I don’t dare. Homework is never nice – it would be blasphemy to say so. 😏

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Vest: Altar’d State

Shirt: H&M

Shorts: PacSun

August 18, 2017- First Day at ND (OOTD #88)

Today I did what was, just a few days ago, practically unthinkable to me – moved into my college dorm room.

This was probably the bit I was most excited for in the whole beginning college ordeal. I’ve (or should I say, my parents) been buying things in preparation for this day for weeks. Granted, I’ve got some friends who have been preparing for months, and good for them, but I’m more of a “fly by the seat of your pants”  and “live in a state of denial whenever a big change is approaching” type of girl, so my excitement didn’t have that much time to fester.

But it did anyway, and every time I looked at my handprinted Indian bedding it festered (there’s your Scrabble word of the day) a little more. That’s really what got me through the ugly packing process followed by the 6 hour car drive up to South Bend on Thursday.

I’m not sure how I feel about this whole living situation at Notre Dame – I’m in a two-room quad, meaning there’s a little tiny back bedroom, where our four beds and four wardrobes sit, and then a much larger social space, with our desks and not much else. I actually don’t mind the space part, since I’ve managed to fit pretty much all the clothes I’d been wanting to bring (it’s still only about half of my full wardrobe), I’m just a little apprehensive about living with 3 other girls.

People exhaust me, and I need time by myself every day in order to restore my energy. How is that going to happen in this quad? I’m sure there will be plenty of secluded places for going off and studying in peace, but I really need a quiet, safe place where I can rest. I’m sure it’ll all turn out okay, the question is just when.

Another key issue: who’s going to take my OOTD photos now that I’m here? Fingers crossed that one of my roommates will be chill with it. Otherwise….maybe it’s time to invest in a tripod? Or make friends with an actual photographer? 😂

We’ll see. Hopefully it’s not long before I can connect with the artsy kids and we can mull over our own pretentious, artistic endeavors together.

On another note, it was perhaps a bad decision to wear a long white coat on an 80 degree day when you and your parents are hauling boxes across campus and up three flights of stairs, but I can’t help it – I just really want to look nice while I’m here. It’s not even so much the fact that it’s my first day on campus and I want to impress people; on the contrary, I feel like the first week of school is a terrible time to bust out your nicest outfits, since everyone’s distracted by the first day of school stuff. Plus, they’re probably a little nicer dressed than usual too. so it’s more difficult to stand out.

#PrayforMei – Lord knows I need it.

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Jacket: Vintage

Skirt: H&M

Bralette: Aerie

August 3, 2017 – Schoolhouse Rock (OOTD #81)

Guess what? There’s only one outfit in this blog post!

That doesn’t, however, mean that there are going to be any less photos for this one. Why?

Well, after a nice, long day hanging out with Jane involving walking around not one, but two separate malls and having Starbucks iced coffees at both of them like the basic (practically) white girl that I am, we decided to drop by my old elementary school, Liberty.

Some history about Liberty Elementary – it was constructed back in 1923 as a little one room schoolhouse, and was, if I’m not mistaken, the oldest school in the Oldham County school district until its 2015 closing. In fact, Jane’s grandmother even attended there, and of course, I did as well, from 2005-2010.

It was a nice little school, and I have a lot of fond memories from there, including winning a dance-off against a girl I didn’t like in first grade, accidentally breaking the finger of a boy I had a crush on while playing four square, and pretending to be a cat for like, a solid week in kindergarten.

So it was very nice when Jane agreed to hang out at the now abandoned Liberty Elementary that evening, even though she doesn’t really have the nostalgia for it that I do. It’s getting a little creepy and run down-looking, and the fact that it was getting dark by the time we got there didn’t help.

But you can’t really be afraid of the school that you went to as a kid, can you? Sure, the random hallways that still lit (emergency lights I guess?) and the giant X over the door of the playground entrance were kinda spooky, but I knew this place, and so the spookiness didn’t hit me that hard.

You could say that we weren’t exactly supposed to be there…especially given the signs that said “No trespassing” (in both English and Spanish, as Jane pointed out to me), but we caused no harm, and we didn’t even go in. There was no way to, actually, even if we’d really wanted to – the doors and windows were all locked.

How do I know that? I might’ve checked a few…or something. Not because I wanted to see inside, of course – just wanted to make sure there wasn’t any rain getting in, right?

Eventually, Jane got tired of me walking in circles and snapping photos of every other door and peering in every third window, so she went off to sit in the car. And since she was kind enough to entertain me for even that long, walking around some creepy old building that she probably didn’t care about, I soon followed.

I would definitely go back though! Maybe in daylight, for some clearer photos…and maybe with a crowbar…

I’m kidding, of course.

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July 10, 2017 – Two Hills and a Caged Elephant (OOTD #64)

I’m beginning to feel ever so slightly like a local.

Of course, I’m not, and any local who heard my strange mid-Atlantic-ish, Philadelphia-ish accent could pick that out immediately, but I’m definitely losing my tourist-y vibe.

By Monday, our fifth day in London and the halfway point on our trip, we were able to navigate the Underground and National Rail with ease, we’d picked up on the local vernacular (“crisps,” “toilets,” the like), we could count exact change, and, on a sadder note, the newness of the whole thing was beginning to wear off for me.

When I first arrived in London, I was in awe of the place – it’s just so old, and I wasn’t expecting it. Well, I guess I was – London’s old, that’s obvious – but I’d never seen anything that oozed cultured antiquity like this, not even some of the cities in China, which are probably even older.

But by day 5, it wasn’t so new anymore. I could pass a several hundred year-old pub on the street without my jaw dropping, and that was a shame. Awestruck wonder is nice while it lasts.

First up on Sunday, we took the Tube over to Notting Hill, another thing that was on Amanda’s bucket list. I’ve actually never finished the film Notting Hill – I started watching it on my laptop during our layover in Detroit on our way here, but I never got to finish it. I liked the bit I saw though.

Even without having seen the film, Notting Hill was pretty cool. There are rows upon rows of these beautiful rainbow-colored houses, making for some fun backgrounds for my pictures. It was a bit odd taking pictures in front of other people’s houses though.

We got lunch at this charming little Italian place called the Portobello Garden Cafe. It’s tucked in behind a clothing store, and we had the hardest time finding it, but it was worth it – it had some of the most beautiful outdoor garden décor I’ve ever seen.

After Notting Hill, we moved on to the next Hill on our list – Primrose Hill.

Primrose Hill is essentially a park with a big hill in the middle that gives you a nice view of the London skyline. Also, there was another red telephone booth (this one missing a door), so we took the opportunity to take more of the dumb photo booth photos.

The final stop on Monday’s journey I sadly have no photos for. We went to Union Chapel for a Cage the Elephant concert, and we weren’t allowed to have any cameras or phones in the venue as they were performing songs off their next album. It really was a shame – I would’ve killed to have taken pictures to show how close we were to the stage and just how beautiful the venue was.

I’ve said that Shoreditch was probably my favorite day on the whole trip, but Cage the Elephant was probably my favorite single event. The amazing band coupled with the gorgeous venue made for a truly remarkable experience.

That’s it for today! I’ll see you in the next one. Don’t forget to check me out on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr! For business inquiries, shoot me an email at!

Jacket: Hollister

Shirt: PacSun

Shorts: Abercrombie

June 28, 2017 – A Lazy Day At Home (OOTD #54)

Concerts are great, but they make you feel absolutely dead the next morning.

Believe me, I would know – I once was out until 2 for a Panic! at the Disco concert just to have to be up again at 6 to be back at school at 8. That was an interesting day – I think I crawled out of bed wearing pretty much the same clothes I had worn the night before and was too lazy to change, so I walked around at school all day in sweaty concert attire.

For this one though, I was smart, and I scheduled myself beforehand to be off of work the next day. I slept in, had a lazy breakfast, and basically did nothing but sit around in the kitchen and watch movie reviews on YouTube while eating PopChips.

Was it a fun day? I don’t know – fun isn’t really the word, but it felt good regardless. Work is emotionally exhausting, so any day I can spend where I’m not there is welcomed. 

Just because I sat around at home where basically no one saw me doesn’t mean I didn’t still feel the need to put together a semi-nice outfit for you guys! Running this fashion blog does have the slight downside that even on my lazy days, I have to put together a real outfit to wear for at least the 10 minutes it takes to get my photos done.

What can I say? I have a terribly difficult life and I deserve all of your pity.

Today’s outfit was low-key (and I mean very very low-key – like such a low-key your ears probably wouldn’t even be able to hear it) inspired by Taylor Swift in the “Blank Space” music video. I recently subscribed to Apple Music, which I transitioned to from Spotify, so I’m a little starstruck by the fact I can actually listen to Taylor Swift again.

Anyway, I was sitting there in the kitchen with my PopChips when “Blank Space” came on. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge Taylor Swift fan – at least, I haven’t been for many years, probably since Fearless first came out – but “Blank Space” is definitely a good bop. Plus, the music video is so stylish.

There’s one scene in the first chorus where Taylor and her copain du jour are riding bikes around a parlor, and she’s wearing an outfit with plaid high-waisted pants and a short sleeve cropped maroon sweater. I drew inspiration from this scene for today’s outfit – I don’t have the plaid pants (actually…I do have plaid pants, but they’re purple and wouldn’t go well with the red sweater), but I do have high-waisted floral shorts, and I have a similar short sleeve maroon sweater. I put the two together, and, without any accessories at all really, I had a fairly chic lazy day outfit that didn’t require much thought.

No one’s going to be mistaking me for Taylor Swift any time soon, and no rich men are going to be taking me to their mansions where I can change outfits every 12 seconds for an elaborate music video, but you can’t have everything.

That’s it for today! I’ll see you in the next one. Don’t forget to check me out on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr! For business inquiries, shoot me an email at

Shorts: PacSun

Sweater: Ann Taylor LOFT



May 26, 2017 – Like Something Out of a Soda Pop Shop (OOTD #30)

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Actually, I suppose it doesn’t really begin until tomorrow, Saturday, but the end of Friday certainly feels like the weekend anyway. Plus, my parents took off from work today, so it definitely feels like it should be a Saturday.

We had planned to take a family trip out hiking today, but after all the rain we had yesterday, it just didn’t seem like a practical choice.

Instead, we decided to head to the brand new Summit at Fritz Farm shopping center in Lexington.

Now, I have something of an interesting background with the Summit – The Summit was originally an outdoor shopping mall in Louisville, and I used to go all the time as a kid. Something happened though, and ownership ended up changing hands, so the Summit in Louisville ended up becoming the Paddock, and the owners of the “Summit” name ended up building a new outdoor shopping center in Lexington.

And it was definitely very nice! A little different than the original Summit I knew – less standard retail, and more upscale boutique. I found a lot of things I liked in the shops, but not a lot I could afford. Still, it was fun to walk around and stretch my legs and window shop.

Who knows, maybe one of these new boutiques is hiring?

As for outfit, today’s shirt actually comes from New York – it was purchased in the H&M on Times Square! I remember back as a kid I visited that same H&M and bought two jackets (both of which I still own and can fit into) , so I felt like I just had to buy something there again! I paired it with some high waisted denim shorts and oxfords wifh calf socks. For good measure, I threw my hair into a ponytail withn a scrunchie to go for the ultimate 50s vibe (though the shorts I was wearing probably would’ve qualified as a bathing suit rather than street wear in the 50s!)

Later this evening, I’m running a 5K with my friend…wish me luck. I don’t really have a problem running 5K straight, but it’s not exactly a walk in the park either, so I’m kind of hoping my friend doesn’t want to sprint the whole thing. I’ll definitely post some pictures tomorrow, assuming I’m not hunched over trying to catch my breath in all of them!


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Shirt: H&M

Shorts: PacSun

Shoes: Target

(bonus: here’s a pic of my dad photobombing me)

May 11, 2017 – It Was Too Hot For This Jacket Today

After a slight delay, the outfit from May 11, 2017 is ready for publication!
Sorry it’s a bit late, but I’ve been really busy as this second-to-last week of school draws to a close. I’m drilling my graduation speech pretty much every day at this point, and honestly, I just can’t wait for it all to be done.

Seriously, high school was cool for like, the first few days of freshman year, but the gimmick has definitely worn old.

I’m kidding, of course. Mostly. I know I shouldn’t be ungrateful. High school has allowed me to make a lot of great friends, take a some really challenging classes, and helped me get into Notre Dame, so it’s not all bad.

On to my outfit for today though, it was kinda hard trying to figure out what to wear with the weather. It was warm and pretty muggy, but the breeze felt cold and rainy. Overall, just a rather bleak day. In the end, I chose to put together a little something that I found inspiration for on Pinterest – something I do quite often. I pin a lot of my outfit ideas on Pinterest, and on days like this, where I don’t know what to wear, I pull from my fashion board.

So the outfit ended up being based around this oversized suede jacket that I salvaged from my mother’s closet when she was about to give it to Goodwill. It’s from Coldwater Creek, back during the days when they had their own brick and mortar stores in just about every mall. Underneath, I wore a long black sweater tucked into some denim shorts. It was all about the contrast between the oversized, baggy tops and the short, fitted shorts.
I don’t know who posted the original image that I based my outfit off of, otherwise I would credit her, but that’s one of the risks of putting your content on the Internet I guess. Speaking of which, maybe I should start putting my stuff on Pinterest. Anything to get my content out there, right?

Thanks for being patient with me as I figure out my schedule for posting these blogs, and I’ll see you in the next one:
Jacket: Coldwater Creek

Sweater: PacSun

Shorts: Hollister
Bonus mirror selfie:

April 20, 2017

Hey, look who’s back!

FullSizeRender-4 2For real though, here’s to hoping I’m actually capable of keeping up this daily blog. In truth, it’s not like these posts take a super long time to make – an hour, maybe, but I’m a teenager with commitment issues so who knows what I’m going to end up spending my time on.


It’s my senior year of high school this year, and the senioritis has hit me like a truck. Today, I had four classes, and in those four classes, I think serious instruction happened in one of them. That, coupled with the fact that it’s only two days until prom, one week until senior trip, and only one more month until graduation, makes it pretty hard to stay focused.


Today’s outfit follows that theme – not the lack of focus part, that is, but the relaxed, carefree feeling you get at the very end of senior year. I began with the sweatpants – some low-rise grey joggers that I bought on a dare to see if I could actually pull them of. From there, I threw a denim vest over top of it to add to the grunge-y vibe and layered underneath it a long sleeve black crop top and a maroon crop tank top. And over that, went a fringed scarf to cover up the weird layered neckline that came as a result of the two tops.


So what did I learn today? Nothing in school, but in my wardrobe – when part of your outfit doesn’t work but the rest of it does, cover it up with an accessory.


Thanks for reading!

Jacket: Aeropostale

Sweatpants: Target

Black top: H&M

Red top: PacSun

Scarf: Urban Outfitters

FullSizeRender-6 2IMG_8701.JPGFullSizeRender-9 2
FullSizeRender-5 2Bonus mirror selfie:FullSizeRender-8 2