May 11, 2017 – It Was Too Hot For This Jacket Today

After a slight delay, the outfit from May 11, 2017 is ready for publication!
Sorry it’s a bit late, but I’ve been really busy as this second-to-last week of school draws to a close. I’m drilling my graduation speech pretty much every day at this point, and honestly, I just can’t wait for it all to be done.

Seriously, high school was cool for like, the first few days of freshman year, but the gimmick has definitely worn old.

I’m kidding, of course. Mostly. I know I shouldn’t be ungrateful. High school has allowed me to make a lot of great friends, take a some really challenging classes, and helped me get into Notre Dame, so it’s not all bad.

On to my outfit for today though, it was kinda hard trying to figure out what to wear with the weather. It was warm and pretty muggy, but the breeze felt cold and rainy. Overall, just a rather bleak day. In the end, I chose to put together a little something that I found inspiration for on Pinterest – something I do quite often. I pin a lot of my outfit ideas on Pinterest, and on days like this, where I don’t know what to wear, I pull from my fashion board.

So the outfit ended up being based around this oversized suede jacket that I salvaged from my mother’s closet when she was about to give it to Goodwill. It’s from Coldwater Creek, back during the days when they had their own brick and mortar stores in just about every mall. Underneath, I wore a long black sweater tucked into some denim shorts. It was all about the contrast between the oversized, baggy tops and the short, fitted shorts.
I don’t know who posted the original image that I based my outfit off of, otherwise I would credit her, but that’s one of the risks of putting your content on the Internet I guess. Speaking of which, maybe I should start putting my stuff on Pinterest. Anything to get my content out there, right?

Thanks for being patient with me as I figure out my schedule for posting these blogs, and I’ll see you in the next one:
Jacket: Coldwater Creek

Sweater: PacSun

Shorts: Hollister
Bonus mirror selfie:

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