November 22, 2019 – Drunken Noodles (OOTD #584)

At about T-minus two weeks before the end of the semester, my friends and I made a pact to try to sample as many DC restaurants as possible.

We’d been making money from our internships all semester and saving up our stipends, and we realized that we had enough leftover to splurge on some nice meals. None of us were from big cities; we weren’t used to living around a huge variety of food in walking  distance, and so we wanted to take advantage of it before we had to leave.

I’ve described this a bit before, but it seems that when you live in a city (as opposed to just visiting it as a tourist), it’s harder to convince yourself to go out and see things or eat out. When you live there, you’re focused on just living — going to work or school or whatever. Most nights, I’d just come home and eat some ramen that I boiled in a pot with some chopped green onion. I had the ability to go out to eat all semester, but I almost never did.

Hence the pact to try as many restaurants as possible before I left. Obviously, I couldn’t go out every night (I had class from 6:30-9:30 every Tuesday and Thursday, which complicated things), but on the nights that I could, I’d do a quick Google search for restaurants and pick the first one that interested me.

I imagine that’s what being rich is like — just finding some recommendations on TripAdvisor and then going for it. How much longer until I get to do that every day?

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Jacket: Ann Taylor (thrift, Clothes Mentor)

Blouse: Abercrombie

Skirt: J. Crew (thrift, Clothes Mentor)


October 25, 2019 – To the Library Again (OOTD #570)

I never thought I’d miss Notre Dame’s library.

With its ugly brown cardboard box walls and perpetual scent of moldy paper, I thought I’d never want or need to go back. Sure, I spent most of my waking hours while on campus in the building — but time doesn’t always equal emotional affinity. In fact, I thought given all the time I forced myself to spend in there, the more prepared I would be to leave it for a whole year.

I don’t miss the building itself; I should preface what I’m about to say with that. I do not miss the cardboard box design (Touchdown Jesus literally looks like a cereal mascot on the front of a box, try and convince me I’m wrong), and I don’t miss the uncomfortable wooden chairs and 1970’s elevators.

You know what I do miss, though? The convenience.

Hesburgh Library was about a ten minute walk away from my dorm, and that ten minute walk was just close enough to make it convenient and just distant enough to give me some mental separation from home. When I went there, I could try to convince myself to be productive. I didn’t always succeed, but at least I tried.

In DC, though, I didn’t really have a good go-to library. I went to one of the DC public libraries on my first days in the city, but it was a little too far away to make it into a regular study space. I ended up spending a lot of time at Brookings’s library, but it was too close to home and much too close to work. It was in the exact same building as my cubicle, and that’s never a good thing.

What Brookings Library did have over Hesburgh, though, was windows. And you could open them to get some fresh air! I know Notre Dame is concerned about kids trying to throw themselves off the 13th floor of the library during finals week, but I sure would have appreciated the ability to get some cool night air on the evenings I got stuck there late. I would have also appreciated the ability to throw myself out a 13th floor window during finals week.

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Dress: Target

Jacket: Ann Taylor

September 18, 2019 – Elle Woods Style (OOTD #564)

I feel weird even venturing to compare myself to Elle Woods — it feels almost sacrilegious.

Legally Blonde was one of the very first PG-13 movies I was allowed to watch with my mother. I can’t even remember how old I was — maybe fourth grade? But fourth grade-Meilin loved that movie — probably more than it deserved from an artistic standpoint. It’s a cute chick flick, sure, but it’s no cinematic masterpiece.

It was Legally Blonde and not Law and Order that glamorized the idea of being a lawyer for me. I’m sure both are wildly inaccurate depictions of the profession, but as a kid, I was way more drawn to the idea of wearing pink suits and carrying scented documents than I was to dramatic courtroom showdowns.

I’m not ready yet for the dramatic courtroom showdowns (I need to like…get into law school first), but, with my 9-5 internship, I have an excuse to wear cute professional outfits every day.

Herein lies the challenge — making my everyday professional outfits “cute.” It’s not hard to put on a pair of trousers and a blazer each morning; it’s hard to find a way to make a pair of trousers and a blazer unique and interesting when you wore basically the same thing the day before.

I’m learning, though. I’m discovering that the key to cute professional dressing is bright colors and fun accessories. If you’re relegated to wearing “work-appropriate” cuts and silhouettes, the best way to dress things up is to play up your color, pattern, and texture palette. I like wearing scarves and jackets to add layers to basics, like this plain blouse. A patterned skirt or sparkly necklace can help too.

I may not wear pink every day, but I at least try to dress as fashionably as possible, even for a boring day at the office desk. Elle Woods would approve.

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Jacket: Ann Taylor (thrifted)

Skirt: The LOFT

Blouse: Forever21

March 20, 2019 – LinkedIn Headshots (OOTD #476)

These didn’t actually turning my LinkedIn profile pictures, but they really could, couldn’t they?

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My only concern is that my dark, grown-out roots would look too unprofessional. I actually rather like them like this, but I’m still not sure they’re the image I want for myself on a website like LinkedIn.

Not that I use LinkedIn that much or that I’m some kind of expert in how to appear employable. Notre Dame has a Career Development Center, which I’ve visited a few times for help with my resume and cover letter, but I’m very much still a rookie at the whole thing. Less so than some of my peers, though, who’ve never even had a lousy service industry job in high school — so I do pride myself on that.

I love this part of the math building for pictures. I’ve used it before (many, many, times) as a background in my fashion pics because it’s such a lovely hallway with excellent lighting, especially in the afternoon. I just swing by around 4 or 5pm after the bulk of classes have let out (so it’s not too busy while I’m trying to get pictures) and I’m always satisfied with the results.

Who would have that that the math building would become one of my most-frequented buildings on campus this semester? For a person who has no math classes — and hasn’t had one since high school —  I tend to hang out there a lot. It’s practically become my new Riley art building — which I have barely visited at all this semester, sadly. They took away my 24 hour card access, and so now I have no easy way to get in if I want to study late at night (the only time I ever study).

No worries, though — I’m not going to become a math major anytime soon. Hanging out in the art building couldn’t turn me into a studio art major, and I actually like art.

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Jacket: Ann Taylor (thrifted)

Blouse: Unknown (some boutique in London)

Trousers: Banana Republic Sloan

June 7, 2017 – Taking Pictures in Public Is Kinda Awkward (OOTD #38)

It’s not easy being a fashion blogger.

First off, you don’t get paid, really, unless you have a huge following. That’s really not a big deal to me, because I love blogging whether I’m paid or not! It’s just a hobby for me that helps me de-stress.

My second complaint, though, is that it’s just really awkward taking pictures of your outfits in public.

Seriously, if you want to be a fashion blogger, be prepared for a lot of judgmental glances when you’re in public. I’m not tall or glamrorous-looking enough to pass for a professional model, and my photographer is usually just a friend or family member with an iPhone, so it must be weird to people when I’m standing at the mall posing like I’m Gigi Hadid.

My advice? Wear sunglasses. If they can’t see your eyes, their judgmental stares can’t hurt you!

For example, today I went to work with my mother, and I decided to do my photos at an old twisty staircase at the side of her office building. This was all fine and good, until someone decided to come down the stairs! It was a nurse from one of the medical offices that was in the building. It was definitely a weird encounter, but I just remind myself that the person will probably forget about the weird narcissistic teenager posing for photos within a few seconds and then go on with their life, and that thought usually makes me feel better.

On to today’s outfit: it was a fairly simple one at heart. A denim chambray shirt, slacks, and plain black booties. The fun here was in the teardrop-shaped rhinestone bedazzlements on my shirt and the emerald green of my pants. Sometimes, outfits don’t have to be complex to be cute.

That’s all for today! I’d like to give a huge thanks to the 125ish of you who have followed this blog in the last month; it really means a lot to me! ❤️

Shirt: Ann Taylor LOFT

Pants: Banana Republic

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June 5, 2017 – Bardstown in Black (OOTD #36)

Kentucky’s a pretty cool state.

FullSizeRender 45.jpg

I do still find it hard to consider myself a true Kentuckian, though I’ve spent almost all of my life here – all 18 years of it, actually, excluding the 8 months that I spent as a baby in China. My father’s a true New Jersey guy and my mother’s from Chicago, so none of us have ever truly fit in to the southern lifestyle. Still, while Kentucky’s a little on the boring side, it has its merits. It’s always been my dream to move to a big city like New York, but I do rather like the small town feel that Kentucky’s got. 

FullSizeRender 38.jpg

While I live in one of Kentucky’s biggest cities (though I usually think of it as more of a really large college town rather than the small city it touts itself as), it is pretty cool to go in to visit one of small country towns. Today, my family and I headed into Bardstown, KY, at the request of my visiting uncle and cousin from New Jersey. They’re both super into vintage stuff, so we figured this was a pretty nice place to get lunch and do some antique shopping.

FullSizeRender 43.jpg

And it really was. We had lunch at this really cute burger place, and spend the rest of the afternoon wandering in and out of the little boutiques and consignment shops that lined Bardstown’s downtown Main St. area. I didn’t find anything I really wanted (except for a cute little Burberry sweater in a second-hand shop for $100; sadly, it had a tear that wasn’t going to be easy to fix), but I think my uncle and cousin enjoyed themselves.

FullSizeRender 39.jpg

Today’s outfit was actually inspired by my uncle’s style, funnily enough. I wish I had some pictures of him – he’s a really interesting dude. He’s into hot rods, skeletons, local bands, and likes to wear workers’ shirts with random people’s names on it.  Though I don’t have any shirts that label me as a Jerry or an Andres, I do have these fun hair clips that look like skeleton hands. I paired them with a black sweater with detailing on the neckline, maroon pants with detailing down the legs, and, for extra detail, I added a  black velvet choker.

FullSizeRender 37.jpg

(Look, writing is hard sometimes, especially trying to avoid sounding repetitive)

And apparently, my uncle liked it because he said I looked cool, in particular the skeleton hair clips.

Sweater: Francesca’s

Pants: Ann Taylor LOFT

Shoes: Converse

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May 22, 2017 – First Day of Summer Break

Okay, maybe it’s not the actual first day of summer (that’s June 21), but it was good enough for me!
Today was my first day of summer break, and it certainly feels lovely. I had nowhere in particular to be until the evening, I got to sleep in, and I even got to go running this morning. I’m doing a 5K with my friend this Friday, so while I haven’t exactly been training for it very hard, I do want to be prepared.
But in truth, it was also a lazy day. There was a dishwasher to unload, which I didn’t do, some clothes to put away, which I didn’t do, and my room could use a cleaning, but I also failed to do that. In part, I was just excited to have some time to myself now that school is out, but the other part, I’ve been preparing for an interview.
So that is what my fashion today was all about – this interview, for which I took to heart the quip “dress for success” Admittedly, I am no expert at job interviews, and I definitely don’t feel experienced enough to discuss what people are looking for in potential employees, but I do know how to dress to make myself look more impressive than I am.
Today, I opted for something bright and colorful, to show that I have a bright and colorful personality. My skirt has a vibrant pattern, which I highlighted through the bright color of my coral blouse. To look extra classy, I layered on top my mother’s pearl necklace.
Wish me luck on this interview! I’ve actually got another tomorrow, so I do have another option going if this doesn’t pan out, but of course, it would be wonderful if I had some choice.

: Ann Taylor

Shirt: Altar’d State