May 12, 2017 – Digging Myself

I’ve gotta admit – I’m a huge fan of today’s outfit.
And it’s a pretty simple one – just a blue military jacket over an orange sweater – but somehow, it just turned out really nice. Maybe it was the way I styled my hair (there were definitely some Daenerys vibes going on there), or maybe it was the contrast of the blue and orange, but whatever it was, I was feeling it today.

It happens that way sometimes. Some of the nicest outfits can be the simplest, and some of the most complex outfits can fall flat on their face and look gaudy. On the flip side, sometimes simple outfits are boring and the complex outfits are the real eye-catchers. It can be hard to tell.

Today, I got to go check out one of my art pieces that was featured in a show. I was in AP Studio Art this year, and while it was definitely stressful and miserable at times, it was also one of the most rewarding classes I got to take. I had to push myself pretty hard to meet the deadlines, and I always wished l had more time to perfect my pieces, but sometimes, that’s what you need as an artist to improve.

Here’s the piece I submitted, as well as me posing next to it. I know I’m not good enough to ever do it professionally, but I certainly am thankful to have this talent that I can use to express myself though. It’s a nice hobby.

Since the show I was at was downtown, I got a few pics around the neighborhood. Most of the pictures I take for this blog come from around my home, so any chance I get to take pictures in a different location, I take.

That’s it for today. See you in the next one!
Dress: Forever21

Jacket: Abercrombie

Bonus mirror selfie:

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