May 15, 2017 – This Outfit Is A Luxury Sedan

T-minus four days until the end of my high school career!

I feel like that’s all I’ve been able to talk about these last few blogs, but it’s one of the only things on my mind. I can’t believe that after four years of hard work and a fair share of crying, it’s finally all over.

Today, I went out with the other Senior class officers to check out the location of our graduation ceremony – Rupp Arena. It’s pretty sweet to be able to graduate in this huge venue where concerts and sports events take place, but it can really make you feel small. I have no idea how I’m going to deliver my speech to 5,000 people without vommitting – fingers crossed for the best, though?

I’ve also been pretty busy today working on finding a summer job. The job I thought I was pretty much guaranteed to have didn’t pan out, and now I’m in an awkward position trying to find full-time work within the next few weeks so I can start earning money to pay if Notre Dame. I’m thinking retail, maybe? 

I don’t know, honestly I’ll take about anything.

But on to more positive topics – like today’s outfit! Again, my ensemble was inspired by something I came across on Pinterest – black pants, black shirt, and a camel colored faux suade nacket. I absolutely adore the contrast between camel and black, it reminds me of the interior of a nice car, like a BMW. In a way, you could say today’s outfit was inspired by a luxury sedan?

Welp, thats all I’ve got for today. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Jacket: Forever21

Top: Target

Pants: Altar’d State

No bonus mirror selfie for today.  I may just end up dropping this portion of the blog altogether – I figure there are already enough pictures of me throughout each blog, and it doesn’t really need another one, lol.

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