May 5, 2017 – Derby Fashion

Happy Derby weekend!

Here in Kentucky, the Derby’s a pretty big deal. There are two weeks worth of festivals and celebrations in preparation of it, schools are closed the day before, and you had better not plan on going out the day of unless you’re willing to spend a long time sitting in traffic. I have a lot of fond memories as a kid of the Kentucky Derby Festival – the Thunder over Lousville fireworks show, the bed races, the balloon glow…there were some fun times.

I’ve moved from Louisville since then, and while I’m no longer in the same area as Churchill Downs, you can still feel the excitement of the Derby here in Lexington.

So what am I doing here today as a Kentuckian celebrating the Kentucky Derby? Going to a party? Betting at Keeneland? Attending the Derby itself?

Why none of those, of course. I’m sitting at home studying for my AP Calculus and AP French exams on Tuesday.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate the Derby here at home with my choices in clothing! I wanted something distinctively equine-looking for today, something totally different from the ripped jeans with fishnets I did yesterday. With my navy Chaps blazer, blue striped button down, red silk scarf, and white skinny jeans, I definitely felt like I could’ve walked out of a Polo ad.

Even though I’m mostly too poor to afford anything by Polo.

As for horses, I’m betting on Hence. Not because I’ve actually read the statistics and know what I’m talking about – I just like the name. Not all of us Kentuckians can be horse experts 😅
Jacket: Chaps

Shirt and jeans: Abercrombie

Bonus mirror selfie:

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