August 21, 2018 – Not My First Rodeo (OOTD #353)

Nope, it’s my second!

I present to you, my outfit from the first day of school this year. The dress is one of my current favorites in my wardrobe. Something about it gives me mailman vibes, I don’t know. I actually almost wore a newsboy with it, but then I think the mailman aesthetic would have been a little too strong — best to keep it subtle, yeah?

As the years go on, first day of school outfits are becoming less and less of an affair. I remember back in middle school how many hours I would obsess over getting the perfect outfit for the first day — likely just to never wear it again (I would still wear the pieces, but never in the same combination).

Not that no effort or thought went into this outfit, because they certainly did, but it’s just not the painstaking research project that a first day of school outfit used to be for me. And you know what? It’s probably for the best.

Everyone gets dressed up on the first day of school; it’s actually quite hard to stand out as nicely dressed when literally every other girl on campus is also nicely dressed. The real testament of a devotion to fashion is if you can keep dressing nicely halfway through the semester. When all the other students are rolling in with sweatshirts and yoga pants, it’s much easier to make a statement.

Not to be elitist though — I have definitely done the sweatshirt and yoga pants look. I once had to run bare-faced in just leggings and a pullover sweater to my 10:30 drawing class. It was so bad that I had to bring my cosmetics bag so that I could sneak to the bathroom during a break and put on makeup.

Here’s to hoping I’m able to maintain a track record of cute outfits and good makeup this year! Oh, and not fail my classes. That might be important too.

Dress: Vintage

Scarf: My mother’s closet

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