January 10, 2018 – Shorts In The Winter (OOTD #198)

Well, I was praying for warmer days, and we sure got them.

Kentucky is the strangest state I’ve ever seen in terms of winter weather – you can have one day that’s 15 degrees and freezing, and the following day will be sunny with a high of 75. It’s not so much the 15 degree cold or 75 degree heat that bothers me – it’s that they follow one after the other. It just doesn’t feel natural, you know?

If you’d told me in mid-December when I was still at Notre Dame with its sub-zero temperatures and two feet of snow that I was going to be standing in front of my garage door in on January 10th in denim shorts, there’s no way I would have believed you.

Here I am though – shorts in January. The ice caps are melting and the polar bears are dying, but at least I got a little more sun than usual in a winter month.

I’m probably going to need to look back on these photos in a few weeks when I’m back in the frozen, sunless cornfields of Northern Indiana to motivate myself to make it through to the spring. Even my darkness-loving, cold-weather butt can get tired of the Midwest winter. For as weird as they are, the rare warm winter day we get in Kentucky can actually be a welcome reprieve from the cold.

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Sweater: H&M

Shorts: American Eagle

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