Saturday Musings + Coffee – Desk Tour

I’m sitting in my room watching the ND game right now, and let me just say – it’s not off to a good start.

It’s presently 2 minutes until half, and Miami is winning, 20-0. I’m hoping, of course, that things turn around, but right now, it’s not looking so hot.

So, since I’m so sad watching the events of this game unfold, I figured it would be good time to do a blog. And since I was sitting here at my desk alone, I thought – why not offer a little peak of my desk space?

Now, truth be told, I don’t spend a ton of time working at my desk. If you’ve seen my Saturday Musings posts, which often feature photos of my planner, laptop – you know, work supplies – you’ll notice that I like to go all around campus to do my homework. The library, the student lounges, outside – I’ll go anywhere.

And anywhere does include simply my room, sometimes. Today, which was chilly, cloudy, and dark, seemed like the perfect day to simply rest at home.

The top shelf of my desk has my cactus (which I haven’t killed yet! Go me), my books, and a portrait of myself that I did last year in high school. The second shelf has some keepsakes – my teddy bear BoBear, a painting I bought when I went to New York, my camera (where pretty much all of my L’ensemble du Jour photos are taken), and some pumpkins I keep for decoration.

The actual surface of my desk has variable objects strewn across it, depending on the day and what I’ve been up to. Since I was taking photos of my desk space and trying to show off to you guys how nice and neat and “organized I am,” I cleaned off the dirty socks and candy wrappers until I was left with only have the essentials – my laptop, the book I’m using for a paper, my planner, my makeup, and about a dozen drinking vessels (two mugs, a thermos, and a water bottle to be exact). I’ve also got a nice little pin board, but I hardly ever use it for anything relevant. Mostly it’s just ticket stubs and random pieces of paper that I thought looked pretty.

I mean, that’s pretty much all my Pinterest is though, so…

Oh, and look – it’s halftime and we’re losing by 27 now. Bama is losing, Georgia just lost…clearly the world is ending. I’d better go back to watching the game – I don’t want to miss our epic second half comeback!

Assuming it’s coming…hopefully…

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