October 30, 2017 – Late to the Halloween Party (OOTD #148)

What? You mean to tell me Halloween is over?

Ah yes, the downsides of posting your blogs on a delay. See, I take my pictures of my outfit a few days before I write the actual blog post about it – that way, I have time to reflect upon the day, and I’m not stressed to immediately write a blog about a day that’s not even over yet. It’s also helpful in case I don’t manage to get my photos done until later in the afternoon.

So far, it’s worked pretty well. With some exceptions, I’ve managed to get a blog posted on this website almost every day for the last few months (I’ve yet to have a perfect month though…November goals?) The pitfall of this strategy though, is that holidays like Halloween pass and I don’t have a topical blog that I’m able to post for the event.

That’s particularly unfortunate when I have an outfit themed around the event – like, for example, this spooky and low-key emo outfit I wore the day before Halloween. See, now that it’s November 3 and I’m posting about the outfit, it seems weird to invoke any Halloween imagery or talk about my excitement for the holiday since it’s already passed. But that was what was on my mind on October 30 when I was wearing the outfit – so do I talk about my October 30 Halloween vibes, since that’s the day that I wore the outfit, or my November 3 not-Halloween vibes, since that’s the day I’m posting the blog?

Or maybe I can just talk about the conundrum of posting my blogs on a delay and avoid the issue altogether. That should fill up space so to that I don’t have to deal with my problems.

That will be slightly problematic for when I have to post my October 31 blog tomorrow though…

Jacket: Banana Republic

Jeans: Hot Topic

Top: Hot Topic

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