June 1, 2017 – What to Wear When Your Crash Your Father’s Car (OOTD #34)

I don’t mean that title ironically, folks.


Though I wish I did. Yeah…so I had an interesting phone call or two to make today. Long story short, I was involved in a car crash this morning while I was headed into Louisville for Lexington. It was a scary experience, but thankfully, I’m alright.


The car’s definitely not though 😅. I can’t really go into any details here, of course, but let’s just say I’ve had better days. Though, in truth, as car crashes go, it was about one of the best car crashes to have. I got out of the car with nothing but a minor burn on my hand and some whiplash, which is, as I understand with car crashes, something to be very thankful for.


So instead of heading into Louisville, as I had planned (and as I had dressed up for), I ended up spending about half of my day sitting in the Emergency Room, as the doctors wanted to make sure I was alright and hadn’t suffered anything more serious, talking with the insurance company, and the second half sitting in bed watching YouTube videos and doing some work on the computer. In particular, I watched Shrek 2, which is a much cleverer movie than I remembered.


Anyway, outfit – sadly, this ensemble didn’t get much visibility today, unless you count EMTs, cops, firefighters, and a few kind people who stopped on the road to help.  Which is really too bad, because it’s a pretty cute outfit. This faux suede skirt from Abercrombie is probably one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe, as it instantly makes any outfit more trendy and more classy. I paired it with this fun mesh top with a twisted pattern along the chest, mixing both sheer and opaque fabrics for a look that’s just a touch sexy (oh, and btw, that’s a nude bra underneath to keep things modest). To finish it all off, I matched some camel-colored suede booties to my skirt and felt like I was ready for a very stylish day.




But okay, who am I kidding? I can’t complain about my cute outfit being seen; I’m alive, and that concept’s actually quite exciting to me at the moment.

Welp, thanks for reading! Sorry if today’s post sounded a bit like a downer, I’ll try to be a bit more chipper in the next one. In fact, there’s a lot to be chipper about in terms of this blog – I’ve seen a huge increase in page views the last few week, and of course, it’s due to all of you wonderful readers. See you in the next one!

Shirt: Unknown. It’s got no tag, sadly

Skirt: Abercrombie

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