Saturday Musings + Coffee – Gooooo Irish! Beat Georgia!

How to get the 8th floor of the library for yourself: go the morning of a football game.

In fact, I got the gym to myself this morning too. Seems like Notre Dame kids like their football game days so much, they don’t really do anything else those days. No homework, no working out – not even eating in the dining hall.  Tailgate –> game –> candlelight dinner –> party.

Do the students still party even if we lose? I’ve only been here for one game, so I don’t actually know. I wouldn’t be surprised though; people seem to like to party, regardless of the occasion.

St. Patrick’s Day ought to be interesting to spend here.

I don’t mind though. It gives me some time to myself, and that’s rather scarce here. My dorm room is a quad, so there’s pretty much always someone there, the dining halls are always crowded, and even the upper floors of the library tend to have one or two nerds studying there late into the night.

I’ll head to the game later this evening (maybe even drop by a tailgate or two if one of my friends has family there), but for now, I’m just happy to hang out up here on the 8th floor by myself. I haven’t even done much work or been productive…something I’ll probably regret tomorrow when I have to spend all Sunday doing homework.

Anyway, that’s it for today! Still gotta go back to my dorm and change into my gameday attire. Never did wash the Shirt…guess that means I ought to spray it with some perfume or something. Whoops.

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