August 9, 2017 – “Don’t Play Near Train Tracks,” They Said (OOTD #84)

I swear, I’m not dabbing in this photo – goodness knows I’m not cool enough for that – I’m just tripping on the train tracks.

My friend, Amanda and I went on a final trip to our favorite restaurant, The Local Taco, before we head off to college, and afterwards, we couldn’t think of anything to do. We drove around for a while listening to 2012 throwback songs (“Bottoms Up” by Trey Songz is still such a bop, by the way) before finally deciding to go for a walk at a nearby nature preserve.

Interestingly, the place where we went, McConnell Springs, was actually the location of both of our senior portrait sessions. It’s such a beautiful place –  not too many trees as to be distracting, and a paved path that was easy to walk –  meaning we both went into photography mode, scouting out the best locations and the best lighting for taking mainly mediocre and occasionally very nice pictures of each other.

I mentioned this in a previous post, but I rather like those friends who are cool with taking lots of photos together. Maybe it was the way I was raised – as a kid, I remember my dad often carrying a camera along whenever we went places – but I love being able to capture memories and events with the click of a button.

For a while there, I was pretty self-conscious of taking photos out in public; in fact, when Snapchat was first getting started, I was dismissive of the whole concept because it relied upon taking selfies while out and about. Taking a selfie in public? To 14 year-old me, there was no greater social faux pas, and no greater display of narcissism.

But I’m over that now – after all, I do have fashion blog, and where would I be if it weren’t for the public displays of narcissism that I put on every day taking my OOTD photos?

Anyway, along our little nature walk, we encountered some trees, a cave, and a graffiti-covered wall that made for good photo spots, but by far, our best photos were taken along a set of train tracks.

Being on what I assume was a still used train route, I was a little nervous taking photos there. Granted, there was plenty of room for us to get out of the way should a train come rolling by, but “don’t play near the train tracks” was, for whatever reason, a lesson that was as heavily stressed in my formative years as “don’t take candy from strangers” and “don’t walk out into traffic” – despite the fact that I lived nowhere near any trains.

I always get a little nervous near them, but I think the cool shots we got were worth my panicked glances every time I heard a sound in the distance. But hey, what’s life without the constant anxiety of death to keep you on your toes?

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Top: Free People

Shorts: Abercrombie


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