August 1, 2017 – Socks Make Everything More Fun (OOTD #79)

I love the thigh-high sock trend.

It's been around since 2013, probably, and I've been into it since then. I remember sitting in my freshman Biology class, scrolling through Pinterest (what, you think I actually paid attention while Mrs. Smith played the same episodes of Bill Nye over and over?), and pinning dozens of outfit pictures to my fashion board of black thigh socks and how to wear them.

At the time, I didn't own any thigh-high socks, but I did have knee socks, which I would pull up over my knees and tape in place to create the look. I probably paired them with skater skirts and utility jacket – the height of 2013 fashion.

I hope I don't become one of those people who lives in the past and refuses to update her wardrobe 10 years down the line, but I'm still happy to wear the thigh socks trend even though it may be getting just the slightest bit dated. I feel like they make any outfit a little edgier, which is just what this plain floral shift dress needs.

In other news (I sure use that transition quite a lot, don't I?), my sunglasses have been missing for a few days now. You'll notice, I've worn my Fossil aviators and not my Ray Bans in the last few posts, and that's because I can't for the life of me find my dumb Ray Bans. I know they're in the house somewhere, but I've got no idea where.

I know they'll turn up, it's just a matter of when. Wish me luck hunting them down, yeah?

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Dress: Abercrombie

Socks: Hot Topic…maybe? Or perhaps Target? Lol I don't remember

Sunglasses: Not Ray Ban


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