June 22, 2017 – It’s Raining, It’s Pouring (OOTD #50)

Well, it is.

Mother Nature sent us Kentuckians a respite from the miserable heat today in the form of some rain. Thank goodness – we needed it. 

Of course, rain also means cloudy, dreary skies, but I don’t mind. When it’s dark and brooding outside, I like to make my outfit match the mood – so in other words, I like to dress like I listen to My Chemical Romance and run an aesthetic Tumblr blog.

And actually, the former of those is true.

This t-shirt, in particular, I feel is rather integral to the whole look. When I first got it, my mother actually hated it – she thought it was baggy and sloppy looking. But that’s what I love about it; it’s my “starving artist” shirt that somehow manages to look chic and disheveled. There are no embellishments on it – no holes, no fringe, no acid stains – nothing that you would think would convey any aesthetic at all except for plain, and yet, it’s one of the most aesthetic pieces in my wardrobe.

Actually, it reminds me of Fabio from season 10 of Project Runway. Anyone remember him? He seemed like a pretty chill guy – definitely had the starving artist look.

The pants, on the other hand (I feel like there’s a pun I ought to be making here…), are full of embllishments. I searched for forever for these things on Poshmark. I was actually looking for a replacement for some motorcycle leggings that I’d gotten from Macy’s years ago with leather kneepad-looking details, but this was the closest I could find. I got them in a small, thinking it would be okay, but of course, when you’re barely 5 ft tall, things don’t always fit as you think they should. So, instead of motorcycle leggings, I wound up with more like motorcycle slacks, which is okay in my book.

And then what quasi-edgy look would be complete without a choker from Hot Topic? 

There wasn’t much color going on in my outfit today, but sometimes, it’s more fun that way. It allows for the designs of the pieces themselves to shine without the distraction of color. Speaking of color, I made this little layout today – some flowers, a coffee mug, and a silly little self portrait I drew while I was bored at work.

Who is the First American Home Buyers Protection Corperation ? I don’t know. But I should thank them for giving me something to doodle on.

Shirt: Abercrombie

Pants: Nasty Gal

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