June 9, 2017 – Like a Scarf in the Wind (OOTD#40)

…Never knowing who to cling to 🎶

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I love wearing big scarves on windy days. The way they fly around and billow in the air is so dramatic, like a super hero with a cape. Is it a little excessive and a touch theatric? Yes. But it looks cool, and when I look cool, I feel cool – even though I know it’s a generally accepted fact that I am not.

FullSizeRender 65.jpg
Don’t judge the smudge of lipstick in my teeth.

That’s actually the reason I started getting into fashion in the first place. As a kid in elementary school, I was definitely a bit on the dorky side, and for many years I had trouble interacting with the other students. That probably had to do with the fact I hissed at people and refused to smile in pictures and once got into an argument with my entire first grade class about how Santa Claus wasn’t real (I lost)…but when you’re 7, you don’t necessarily understand that the other kids don’t think crawling around pretending to be a cat is as cool as you think it is.

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Then, sometime in second grade, my parents bought me the first Hannah Montana CD. I loved that thing to death. Listening to the CD, of course, led to watching the show, and watching your first Disney Channel show is just a gateway drug into the world of preteen sitcoms. And what did I learn from watching shows like Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and Sonny with a Chance?

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That cool clothes make a cool person.

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So I devoted myself to mimicking the styles I saw on my favorite shows. I started shopping at Justice and Limited Too, got my ears pierced, and started styling my hair. It didn’t make a big difference in my social life, actually – there was no dramatic makeover that led to instant popularity – but I think people started thinking of me as less the weird girl who hissed at people and more the girl who always dressed nicely. I found I liked that label, and the label stuck.

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Sorry, I’ve gotten a bit distracted. Today’s outfit: I worked again today, so comfort and practicality took center stage. The white t-shirt and plain khakis (funnily, the same khakis I wore when I had my first job at Kroger two years ago) are so boring they could be worn for any job, but I accessorized them to make things a bit more interesting. The scarf, of course, was one of those accessories, but I also found a pair of bright Sperry’s, bright earrings, a bright bracelet, and some bright lipstick to – you guessed it – brighten myself up.

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If you’re also into fashion, what got you interested in it? Any interesting stories to tell? Leave me a comment below! And for good measure, here’s a super stylish and not at all embarrassing photo of me circa 2008 playing dress up.

Me - Zombie2.JPG
Mixing patterns since 2008

That’s it for today! I’ll see you in the next one. Don’t forget to check me out on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr! For business inquiries, shoot me an email at lensembledujour@gmail.com

Pants: Celebrity Jeans

T-shirt: Target

Shoes: Sperry

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7 thoughts on “June 9, 2017 – Like a Scarf in the Wind (OOTD#40)

  1. HAHA absolutely love the backstory to this 🙂 and the all stripes outfit of 2008. I definitely played a lot with my choices of clothing back in highschool and has drastically changed over the years with learning who I am. Great post girl!

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