May 23, 2017 – I Still Need a Summer Job


I need a job. I wish I had been able to start searching for one earlier, but, having been laid off unexpectedly, I wasn’t really aware I was going to be needing to look for one. 
I had another interview today, but again, I don’t know how it will turn out, seeing as I can only work for the summer. No one really seems to want a kid with a high school diploma as just a temp, you feel? And I can understand why, it’s awkward to train someone just to have them leave in two months. 

But I’m not here to sit and complain – today was actually quite nice, albeit exhausting. After my interview at 9AM (right after an interview I’d had at 6PM the night prior, mind you), I had about an hour to sit at home before I had to head back to the high school I’d just graduated from for more speech practice. Our actual graduation ceremony is tomorrow (about 5 days after our last day of school), so all of the class officers met to run through our parts one more time. 

My goodness, I can’t wait for it all to be over so I can finally relax.

The class sponsor got us all food though, which was totally unexpected and so kind. I was starving after my busy morning, so the french fries, quesadillas, and macaroni was definitely welcomed. 

As for outfit, it may be the second day of my summer vacation, but I have not had a day yet where I can just dress casually in shorts and a tank top! I’m not complaining though – I love to get dressed up. Since I had my interview so early in the morning, I ended up spending the day dressed in my most professional-looking J. Crew dress (that I actually got at Goodwill for like $5!) and a peplum jacket from H&M. 

So hey, here’s to hoping I find a summer job – one that’s forgiving to the idea of me only working for summer, and one that’s cool with me taking two weeks off to travel to London. 

Yeah…you could definitely say it’s a long shot.

Dress: J. Crew

Jacket: H&M

6 thoughts on “May 23, 2017 – I Still Need a Summer Job

  1. Hi Meilin!
    Thank you so much for following pittoresca, I am glad you like my blog 🙂
    This little black dress is beautiful *-*
    xx Eliane

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