May 9, 2017 – How To Wear Your Tourist-y Shirt From Chinatown

What an absolutely exhausting day it’s been.

First, I had to take my AP Calculus BC exam this morning, which absolutely kicked my butt, but honestly, could have been much worse. Then, I had to take my AP French exam in the afternoon, which absolutely kicked my butt and honestly, was about as bad as it possibly could’ve been.

But it’s fine! Because now all my AP exams are over and I never have to deal with that stressful crap again! Thank goodness.
It was a long, stressful, ugly day, but now it’s done, and it’s basically smooth sailing from here on out until the end of senior year. I have no finals that jeopardize my grades, I have no big projects, and most of my classes have stopped giving actual instruction.

Today’s outfit was, I admit, on the lazy side. But what else was I supposed to wear – I spent my entire day sitting at a desk in a room by myself taking tests and scratching my head nervously when I didn’t know the answer. Comfort was key. So I took this opportunity to not be seen today to wear my corny NYPD shirt I got in Chinatown while in New York. I layered it under a grey utility jacket so things weren’t too boring, and wore it with plain black leggings (with fleece lining!) so things weren’t too uncomfortable.

Along with my police shirt, I wore my mirrored sunglasses, just to keep with the theme, lol.

See you next time!
Shirt: A dinky little tourist shop in Chinatown

Jacket: Forever21
Bonus mirror selfie:


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