Saturday Musings + Coffee – It’s Sunday

T-minus one week of classes to go, and am I ready for them? Nope!

It’s fine — I have a lot of late nights ahead of me, and a lot of pages of writing to get through. If blogging has taught me one thing, though, it’s how to put words on a page in order to fill space when I have nothing interesting to say, so I should be set.

You know what’s not set? My schedule for next semester. I have the absolute last time slot for sophomores in my university, which means I am probably not going to get into all of the classes I want. I did have a really good registration time last semester, so I can’t complain too much — but that doesn’t mean I won’t still, especially if I don’t make it into a few classes that I am particularly keen on getting into.

Scheduling classes is such a stressful process — your college career, and by extension, your actual career, is dependent upon it, which could be bad in the long run if you can’t get into the courses you need. For me, trying to do two majors and possibly two minors, the classes I manage to get into for next semester could have a big impact on my ability to actually achieve those goals.

And yet instead of trying to get my life together and actually prepare for course registration, I have spent a large portion of my day looking into study abroad programs for my junior year, like the degenerate with time management issues I am. I mean, why prepare for the important thing I have to do tomorrow when I could prepare for the important thing that doesn’t become relevant to me for another year?

You’d think with all of the time management games I played as a kid, like Diner Dash and Sally’s Salon, I would actually be better at holding myself to a schedule now. But alas — here I am at 11 o’ clock writing a blog detailing my woes, instead of actually doing the work I need to do for tomorrow.

Guess it’s time to get on that then. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in the next one! Don’t forget to check me out on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr! For business inquiries, shoot me an email at!

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