Saturday Musings + Coffee – Generally Lacking In Musings and Coffee

I’ve barely had the time to muse on anything or drink coffee today.

Midterms are slowly but surely making its way towards me, and with them, all of the work that they entail.

With my liberal arts concentration, I, luckily, don’t have many actual exams to sit for – just one in my required science course. Instead, I’m saddled with a ton of papers and projects, which, for better or worse, means I have to begin working on them well before actual midterms week when they’re due.

Thus, instead of a “midterms week” I have something more like “midterms weeks” or even “midterms month.” It’s particularly lousy because, unlike finals week, we’re required to continue attending classes while the exams are all going on. With finals week, classes end a few days before exams even begin, meaning it’s actually a significantly less stressful experience.

Anyway, as you might notice from my planner, I’ve got a lot of things to do, which I like to distract myself from doing by writing blog posts and making my planner look pretty.

I’ve been hanging out in the library for a good portion of the day today, which I really only do when I have legitimate work to do. In terms of study spaces on campus, the library is one of my least favorite because it’s cold and quite ugly on some of the upper floors (though there is an excellent view if you can snatch a window seat) , but it has white tables, which makes it excellent for flatlay photography like this.

I should probably get back to work, so I’m going to cut this short here. Pray for me that I’ll get everything done, would you?

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