December 24, 2017 – Festive Fashion (OOTD #184)

Christmas Outfits Challenge 2017: Day 14

Merry Christmas Eve!

It’s still valid to say “merry” to Christmas Eve, right? I know Christmas Eve isn’t typically as festive as Christmas, but it still warrants a solid “merry,” yeah?

Christmas Eve doesn’t really entail anything very exciting for me and my family – for example, today, we did some last-minute shopping, I wrapped the last of my gifts, and I signed some Christmas cards. I know some people who get all dressed up, and party with all of their extended family, but I don’t know the last time I had a Christmas Eve that I like…actually had to go out and do anything significant?

I like it this way though, don’t get me wrong! Christmas Eve is a relaxing day for me, and I’m always down for a relaxing day.

As fashions go, you may have noticed that I’m once again wearing my green Slytherin scarf. I don’t know about you, but to me, the Harry Potter films – in particular, the first, third, and fourth ones – have a definite Christmas vibe to them, no? The first one’s got that awesome Great Hall Christmas scene of Harry’s first Christmas at Hogwarts, the third one’s got some really lovely snow scenes in Hogsmeade, and the fourth one has the Yule Ball (though to be honest….that’s about all the fourth film’s got going for it, in my opinion).

Plus, green is a nice Christmas color, and this is the only green scarf I own, so…

If you’re looking for my true pick for best unconventional Christmas film, it’s got to be the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I’m pretty sure it’s just because I first watched the films (and read the books!) during the Christmas season of my freshman year of high school. Those are some great films. The Hobbit’s (the films, at least) got nothing on the original trilogy.

Anyway, I should probably be heading to bed soon. Don’t want to sleep in too late and miss out on Christmas, amirite?

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Sweater: Forever21

Skirt: Forever21

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